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Tip.......? Motivation for the newbies : )

Hi Guys,

My name is Awais. I’m catering my services on Fiverr for one & a half years on the hot niche of “Video Animation”. In case you are looking for a stunning gig trailer here is my profile

From my many best experiences & few worst experiences, I will share my experience that happened two days ago.

I received an order from an eBook writer on Amazon to make a trailer for his book on a lottery & said he has given many free giveaways & now he is looking for the sales & I moved to my PC trying to make his trailer as good to shoot the sales.

After eight hours of work, I sent him the delivery & after almost five minutes I received the notification "Your order is marked as complete by (Name*). After a few seconds next notification…

“You buyer has given you $50 Tip :scream::fire::fire:
My reaction was OMG!!! because since my journey the Tips I got was a minimum of $10 & a maximum of $30.

The moral is: “Keep yourself motivated towards your goals because your journey is going to break you, mold you & then will make the best part of yours.”