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Tip: Must Read Post - Select Proper category for your Posts


Hi, fellow seller and buyer. i joined fiverr since 2 months and now i am level 2.

the purpose of post is that i noticed here on forum that people are don’t care about selecting proper post category when they create new post.

for example i saw many posts related to my gigs category but posts are in the tips for sellers category. It make no no sense.

if you all will understand the situation but keep posting in wrong category your post can be deleted by fiverr team so you will not have any benefit from it.

Also when we see non related gig in tips for seller or any other category it don’t leave good impression and some times i feel this :frowning:

fiverr forum is like our Home and we should keep it clean and should select exact related category when adding news posts.

if you need more info you can read Do’s & Dont’s

waiting for you opinions.

Thank You.



Reply to @fonthaunt: Yes we should keep this post up by posting replies so more people will read and implement.


The people you are trying to reach don’t read. They just post. But I appreciate your efforts. Thought I would make you laugh!


Reply to @landongrace: :slight_smile: people will read i hope. That’s why i wrote Must Read Post.


Reply to @abidagfx: Thanks for trying! :slight_smile:


This post is still useful but it is upto admins that they delete it or keep it.