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Tip not showing in the revenue statement

i have got an order for 60$ and completed successfully after few days buyer gave me 10$ tip.
now it showing total earning 70$.
In the revenue statement, I am seeing pending clearance 48$. it should be 56$. I can’t understand – tips added to my funds or not!! or should I do anything after receiving tip to add it…
please help me.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Is that something tip immediately added to available balance? I mean 10$ tip where 8$ already added to my available balance and 60$ order showing 48$ pending clearance?
Thank you.

You should see a separate sale for $10 where you earn $8 for the tip. It can take a short time to show up.
You should see:

in your pending clearance or available balance.

the same happened to me!! whats the update how does it work?

you will see it separately in pending clearance.

I think tips take 3 days to clear.

can you withdraw tips after 3 days? we can’t, we are not top rated seller.