Tip of the day: Keep your buyers coming back for months


Over half of my buyers come back repeatedly for multiple orders. If you have a great service you will find that your fiverr business keeps growing over time. I have clients who have come to buy my gigs for years. Recently when all my impressions dropped lower than they have ever been in the past two years, I managed to continue to deliver about 75% of my previous income thanks to previous buyers.

Only about 25% of my business is from new clients.

If you want to make fiverr your full time business find a way to keep buyers coming back multiple times. You won’t mind the inevitable changes in your impressions nearly as much.


I would say half of my clients are new, and the other half are repeating. It is true - give good service and they will always come back. :slight_smile:


A lot of my repeat buyers have become friends. One of my first ever buyers on Fiverr was very unpromising, but she opened up a lot of doors (outside of Fiverr).

Dump the crap clients, and treat your repeats well. If nothing else, consider it great networking. A tap into a new market, or an offer of their mentorship (in whatever), go for it when you’re ready–and do not let it be at your expense. My first ever Fiverr clients enjoy the same prices they did back when I first joined. Because they’re good clients, and they have more to offer me than $$$.

Crap clients can go die in a fire.


:smiley: emmaki I remember one of me first client who order my gig 75 times !!! most of orders he not rated :smiley: .He is from west Indies from a island . So Repeat buyers play great role in fiverr success. The most funny part of your comment is " crap clients can go die in fire " :smiley: i am still laughing


I also had a buyer where I in first instance hesitated working with. She opened some doors outside for me as well, what is worth approximately $1.100,- a month. So I’m glad I didn’t reject her.


Fiverr is a goldmine for those clients too! I’d rather look after them than… some other kinds of seller.

It is really tricky to judge whether a first-time buyer is good or bad sometimes. I always take the sunnier view (assuming no huge red flags). I’ve also rejected several repeat clients for various reasons (mainly: I don’t want this in my life and I don’t want this in my life no matter hos much) and they’re still around. Some of them are terribly prolific, and not just in my category.

Some of them don’t think all that fast, either.

Anyway, I’m gonna create a sample gig soon enough. A lot of my problems seem to come from shooing difficult clients into just ordering rather than pestering, and that’s a mistake. With a sample gig–I will write x wrods for you for yz" or whatever, I can just offer the sale and note that this is a one off. After that delivery, the funnel starts.


For me the more questions and dialogue they have the less likely they are to buy. They just want to waste my time. Some ask for multiple custom offers without ever buying any. In fact I’m at the point where if they ASK for a custom offer I’m suspicious now.
The ones who place the largest orders rarely ask even one question.


It’s very often the opposite for me. First we communicate about their specific needs and then they get a custom offer and buy.


The one who opened the doors for me started by asking me if I want to translate a little piece of text before they bought my gig. Normally I would have denied that, but now I’m glad I didn’t.


My first buyer was awesome and she encourages me by giving many orders after my first order…and yes i have more earning from the old buyers as they trust me and order the gig directly without having concerns about anything…

It is so important to do every single project with full dedication as you never know what a client can come up with…Also if you make them more than happy then they will appreciate your work with the tip which makes me feel great…


I must agree with this post entirely. About 80% of my buyers came back to my services and used them several times. It’s all about how you communicate with them and how sell your work. Even difficult buyers can be repeated if they get wonderful deliveries.


Absolutely right :slight_smile: I am facing the same problem with the impressions but my regular clients are there and i never felt out of work as they are providing the work to me. The key thing is surely the quality you give them but you should also be able to match quality always to maintain your reputation.
You should always give your best at every task you do for your regular clients and you will never be out of work :slight_smile:


I had deliberately taken myself off Fiverr search a month back by activating the limit order feature, I had set it to 20 orders…I had 33 orders when I activated it, now have 53 orders in queue…and I work 15-16 hours a day. Where are those orders coming from? Repeat clients! (the limit order feature keeps your gig open to old clients). I don’t know if I’ll be back on Fiverr search ever again!


Thanks, great lessons.