Tip of The Week: The Thank You Letter


Hey there all you fellow Fiverrers!

Here is my tip for the week!

After every completed gig, I thank my customer. Of course who wouldn’t. It helps you build repeat business which is key on a website like Fiverr. However, after some time goes by you may be forgotten by your old clients. To attempt to bring them back to your gig, send them a thank you note about two weeks after you completed your original gig.

My example of a thank you note:

Dear ________.

I want to thank you so much for ordering a gig from me! If you every need another recording or know someone who may need a gig, please don’t be afraid to return to me!



Keep it short and simple, but remind them that your out there and willing to work. Also, asking for a referral has worked well for me so far!

Hope this advise will help you all lead to more sales!