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Too often as a seller you have a buyers who at a time give more than one orders. You accept all the orders joyfully. But you realize the mistake of getting multiple orders at the time when you deliver them the first order and the buyer do not like your work and immediately ask for cancelling the remaining orders.

This renders you a big loss in terms of money, ratings, orders cancellation rate etc.

So, my experience tell me, whenever you have a buyer who want to give more than one orders at a time. Just tell them politely, you will take only one order and if the buyer likes the quality of your work only then he may give more multiple orders.

In simpler words, do not take multiple orders from a new buyer till you have not shown them your work quality. This save you from a big loss in terms of time, ratings, orders cancellations etc.


That is a solid advice. It’s better to lose one small order and a small amount of time than having to deal with a bigger problem! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Perfect golden pearl of wisdom!!
More power to your elbows!!


Nice contribution, thank you sir


One of the best tips I’ve read on this forum! Well done!


Yes, Very SOLID advice. I Appreciate that. Thanks a lot.


A magician revealed a one trick. :wink:


Thank u for your tip.