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Tip on Where to Post your Ideas, Tips, Questions

Ever wonder why you thought you made a post and then you don’t see it? It happens in various categories but especially in the top 2 Tips areas.

• Sometimes another user will get on you about your post or ask you why you posted in that category. After all, it’s just one post! Actually, though, it creates a snowball effect.

• Perhaps you desperately need to make $50 for the late fee on your apartment rent. Maybe just $4 would buy bread and butter. You urgently post to ask for help and you put links to your best gigs to ask what’s wrong!! You need help bad and you just saw another woman post for help at the very top of the forum. You need tips and the category is called Tips for Sellers. Why not?

— You get some advice, but you also get another person asking YOU for help in a reply. The people who were helping you start helping that guy. The next thing you know you find your gig link has been deleted from your post and you have a note from a sheriff/moderator about links. Or, your whole post is gone.

The most common issue with this is that Tips for Sellers should usually be general tips for everyone, not just about your gigs, and you cannot put gig/profile links because those are like ads. Besides that, people frequently ask questions about their sales so those questions go in Fiverr F.A.Q. Sellers also like to post ideas or debates, like a woman who posts in Tips to discuss the advantage of her data entry gig vs her VA gig. Some of the replies may give her a tip to combine the gigs, but overall it’s a discussion or chat and should be in Conversations. When you post in the wrong category, other people do too (snowball effect) and sometimes take your thread. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Oh. I thought sheriffs like you have that ability.

Tip #1.

When creating a video keep in mind to use your gig image as well. So that you can save it like that thumbnail. Basically 2 in one package. a video and your Gig image.

Reply to @kjblynx: Gosh. One spam post was up for hours. I was so mad. Nothing you can do. I hope fiverr realizes and takes action to improve the forum. I honestly love the forum. Oh WELL.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: If one is up for hours try not to let it get to you. Fiverr is trying to work on a moderator team from different time zones to help and I hope some readers have seen the results. A few do slip by if all mods are busy sleeping, having family time and working their own queue. We’ve caught lots of bulk spam, though, as well as internal spam and moving posts for accuracy. We’re learning new techniques for dealing with resolved or older posts.

I can tell you that the wait was very long for many readers but Fiverr IS taking a seriously active role in forum improvements. Moderator participation is way up and the mod list is now an active group. (See:

All readers are helping by pushing spam down and flagging when possible. Thanks and I hope this helps!

@fonthaunt what if you want delete a discussion, how do I do so please?

Reply to @julipalmer7: Hi Juli. You cannot delete your own discussion posts but you can edit them. If you have a really good reason to delete a post you made you can edit and add “delete this thread please” at the top. If it catches the notice of a Sheriff and they agree it should be deleted they will remove the thread. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yes, I have flagged many, either to be changed or deleted (as you may be aware…) But the issue is not moderation itself.

fonthaunt said: seriously active role in forum improvements.

WE NEED FIVERR TO REVAMP THE FORUM, Just like they did with
The categories don't make any sense. Why should tip for sellers be at the top? It only encourages SPAM! Since real questions don't get enough publicity it hurts those who really have an issue, and it takes longer for one of us to respond.

I really love the forum, it's great. But why slacken off??

Reply to @julipalmer7: FLAG IT “DELETE THIS PLEASE”

@julipalmer7 You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Just an FYI - the reason I didn’t recommend doing it via a flag is as follows. If there is information in the original post that the writer just doesn’t want out there, they can edit, remove the text and then write “Delete this.” Any of several moderators/sheriffs can then delete it when spotted.

The only time I would suggest using a flag instead is if a reply to the post (not controlled by the original poster) has information in it which reveals private information, contact information, or extreme forum violations. Flags can only be seen by staff and a small number of people with elevated rights, so in some cases it takes longer to get a post deleted through a flag than it does through text replacement by the OP. Either way can work, though.

Ok thank you for your input guys!

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Nope, we are the bottom of the totem pole but I’m still pleased to be able to help where I can! :slight_smile:

One other tip - the Fiverr Stories forum category is excellent to talk about your excitement over a level, a sales mark, etc. It can also be a good place to talk about some other good Fiverr experience. If you realize that the experience was negative for you and what you really need to do is vent - try the Ranting Pot.

hi friends
Do you know if you view and favorite my gig, it’s really help to make the gigs popular in search engine?

Sheriff’s Note: This type of request belongs ONLY in My Fiverr Gigs. The link has been removed and please do not request favorites/views in other parts of the forum.

hi friends!
i’m a new seller on fiverr, i have to Gigs a month ago but i didn’t receive any orders.
can you help me how i have to make a good profile and a successful Gig?
thanks :slight_smile:

Related tip: If you have recently hit a Fiverr milestone such as a big $$ amount earned, your first sale, your first 100 sales, a new level, etc. it can be fun to celebrate with a forum post. A great place to put these posts is My Fiverr Stories. Need even more help as to where a post goes? Read on:

Note: Many sellers and buyers automatically pick the top 2 categories on the main forum view - Tips for Sellers and Tips for Buyers. They are excited or worried or upset about something and they want it at the top. The difficulty there is that if there are so many new posts coming in the “Tips” categories it makes for a difficult-to-read forum.

Try for this:

1.) Post things in Tips for Sellers / Buyers that are ideas that either haven’t been posted before, haven’t been posted in a long time, or were posted so long ago they aren’t accurate. If you are just posting your “News” with a few basic Tips that are often mentioned, the post will still go better in My Fiverr Stories or Conversations.

2.) Post tips that aren’t a copy/paste from another site. Many people do this to draw attention to themselves and they don’t offer credit to the author who wrote the original tips. This is a poor business practice. If you think you’ve found something on another site that really is fresh and worth posting in the Fiverr forums, at least give credit to the original author.

3.) Remember that many forum readers are often on the forums and will tend to look at the Discussions view (by clicking Discussions at the top) or will tend to scroll down the main page view and look at the latest posts on many categories. Just because your post is in Stories or Conversations doesn’t mean they won’t be seen, and if you have a question that hasn’t been answered already in Fiverr FAQ, then put your question in that category.

4.) If you had a problem with a buyer, a seller, or Customer Support and you are feeling frustrating, your post probably goes best in the Ranting Pot. Even there (and sometimes especially there) people do read the posts to see what is happening. They will answer you and help you there too if they have a real suggestion for you.

5.) If you are in doubt about where to post, Conversations is a very good general choice. Nearly anything will fit there and it’s still high enough on the page to get many views.

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Remember, if you have a tip to help sellers such as an idea for making a better video, post it in the Tips for Sellers forum. If your “tip” is that they should buy your video production gig that is self-promotion and goes in My Fiverr Gigs.

If you have a tip explaining how to find all gigs related to 3D logos, that would work in Tips for Buyers as long as you don’t add links to your profile or gigs. Also, just give your tip, don’t add on reasons on why yours is best. If you plan to add any sort of self-promotion, post your information in My Fiverr Gigs.

If you already put a post in Tips that didn’t belong there you can edit the post and move it. If you don’t see it, a moderator has probably already moved it, so look in My Fiverr Gigs to find it.

If you have a Question about buying or selling the Fiverr FAQ category can be searched for answers and if you don’t see one, you could post your question there. If your question is rather broad and might become more of a discussion, it could fit it either FAQ or Conversations!

If your idea is a suggestion that you think Fiverr Staff might appreciate or be able to add to the site, the Suggestion Box is ideal. Look first to see if anyone else has posted on the topic and if they have, just add to their thread. -

Reply to @thecreativeguys:

It’s been suggested before… at least a few times by ME! Perhaps the Suggestion Box might be a good place for a new thread :slight_smile:

Reply to @robin1991: It is unlikely that views would do you much good in search unless they were incredibly high and converted to real sales. As far as I know, favorites don’t do anything at all to make your gigs popular. Favorites are just a form of bookmarking so people can find you again. Others reading this may want to understand that it is conversions/sales that help you. Posting on the forum is a could way to trade ideas but otherwise also does nothing for you.