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Tip regarding emojis


As all of you knows that Fiverr has now introduced the new feature of using emojis in the conversation in Inbox or on Order page but don’t use these emojis like ( :), :(, :P, :wink: ) because it looks unprofessional by using it in this professional platform.


Whaaat those emojis define me, especially the wink face :wink:


But it looks unprofessional


I agree they are best for personal conversations rather than a business setting but it’s a personal preference.


I like em :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that if you are talking with a new client you shouldn’t use emojis, but if you have like I do repeating costumers and have a good relationship with them it’s Ok to use them


Being a seller from my experience emojis are good :slight_smile:

They give a personal touch to your conversation for your buyer. Buyers don’t feel strangers.
I agree that many buyers may not like it which is a rare case I think.



A friendly response with a smiling face can make a big difference :slight_smile:


completely agree.


At least until you feel you know someone skip using them.


There are some buyers who use a lot of “)))))” kind of stuff, and frankly, I’d much prefer to see a single smiley face in my inbox if I had to pick one option.

But as a seller, I’ll refrain from those as I agree it’s borderline unprofessional, especially for a content writer.


I beg to differ, emojis are visual communication and in some cases needed to determine what the person is feeling and thinking at the time and more often than not save you a client if they see a happy face at the end of a sentence rather than nothing and leaving them scratching their heads if their English isn’t very good.
They also distinguish the difference between someone wondering if someone else is been sarcastic or not, as human emotion without emoticons/emojis is very hard to pick up on, unless you know that person really well and even then it’s still not that easy unless they end a sentence with something like this :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s juvenile and not appropriate in a business type relationship.
If you are having a friendly chat it’s ok. That’s just my opinion. I would not want to hire a seller who used them as I would feel they are not professional.


I wouldn’t want to hire a seller in the IT industry who didn’t, you have to get with the times and most of the millennial’s use emoticons and emojis, also if you’re a seller even if you don’t use them, you should understand what they mean, you could end up losing quite a few sales if you don’t know the difference between a :slight_smile: and a :frowning:


Some of my buyers use them when they are comfortable enough and I don’t mind them. I actually take it as a friendly reply from some of them. I might have slipped one or two myself when speaking to them. It becomes unprofessional when they are in excess. I mean, one smiley face didn’t hurt anyone, but when you end up using 5 or more in a 3 row message, then you have a problem.


I wouldn’t hire a seller in IT or anything else who used them. I want to deal with a professional. Emoji’s are for casual chat. I talk to mellennials all the time who never use them.
I have “been with the times” on the internet since it started and use them myself in conversations but I want to give the impression I am dead serious in business.


I am a big emoji fan, use them all the time with friends etc, but I do feel they are a little out of place in a professional situation.

I do however like to type :slight_smile: a lot, which I think is just as friendly as an emoji, but perhaps slightly more professional as it is still in the text, so less in your face…


It’s Fiverr, not an office on the 50th floor of a highrise.

There’s something to be said for overdoing it though. My realtor can communicate in emoji, and that used to drive me insane.

One or two here or there in a Fiverr conversation is no big deal.


I think you are right.