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Tip service fees


I just completed my first fiverr order and I noticed the fee on tips.I think that is kind of ridiculous. Really discourages tipping. Fiverr is basically getting paid for doing nothing.


Actually they are providing a very nice site, with all that it takes to keep it running, and have their own fees to pay to credit card processors for each transaction.

It is not free to fiverr to accept payments. They have to pay a company to process payments. There is a separate fee they pay for each transaction.


You have to follow their every rule T&S & C and payment functionality .


Tipping doesn’t matter, most buyers don’t tip, and when they do, it’s insignificant amounts.

This January I’ve made $4 from tips and $440 from orders.

Last year, my tips ranged from $5 to $106 per month. If someone can afford a $5 tip, they can afford a $2 fee.

I don’t like the fees, but it’s just the way things are.


Yes and they get a service fee for the actual order amount.


My $5 tip turned into $10 with service fees and exchange rate.


Does everyone pass the fees onto the customers ?


The tip is a separate transaction.


Yes one way or the other. Of course they do. They pass all expenses on to customers.


You can’t really argue with the exchange rate since that is about how much your money is actually worth compared to the value of the dollar in other economies.
You didn’t actually pay more, it just looks like you did, as far as the exchange rate goes.

For example your $5 tip is really only a $3 tip, in the country of the seller you bought the gig from.


Ok, I’m not going to argue about with you. You have your opinion, I have mine. I think it’s unnecessary and unethical skimming off the hard work of creators. You don’t. Fair enough.


Please don’t accuse me of saying something like that when I didn’t. I simply explained why this site charges for tips. It does not “skim off the hard work of creators.”

The site simply charges a transaction fee for each transaction, whether it’s a tip or an order. Either way, it’s a payment that fiverr has to pay a processor for.


Just for the record, most forum regulars get to know that we can only change so much and we may explain something without agreeing with every aspect of it. I don’t think the service fee on tips is particularly “necessary” so I might agree with you there. I don’t like the service fees on tips. I think service fees in general are a bit higher than they should be, although I’m not against having service fees.

I disagree with you that Fiverr is unethically skimming off the hard work of creators. Sellers choose to sell on Fiverr and buyers choose to buy here. I make profit when i sell my “creations” since I price my gigs in a way that allows me to profit. Fiverr makes a profit too. Most buyers profit off of both Fiverr and me since most of my buyers re-use my work to make money for themselves. I don’t see what is unethical about any of that even if I have a wish that the fees were a bit lower. It’s a public forum and it’s here for people to explain and compare ideas.


It is skimming. You’ve dragged this way past the point of me caring and I don’t really know why you keep obsessing over this. I have my opinion, you have yours. Next time I won’t tip.


@jonabe Skimming is when they take a part of the tip for themselves. Fiverr is not skimming. They are charging a fee for any separate transaction.

Any type of transaction requires a site to pay a fee to a processing company. Fiverr is passing that fee on to customers.


“A form of white-collar crime, skimming is slang for taking cash “off the top” of the daily receipts of a business (or from any cash transaction involving a third interested party) and officially reporting a lower total.”

Not happening. Sorry.


I’ve been getting tips on almost every order lately, so it’s not a universal boycott of tipping on the site. Lots of buyers don’t mind the fee enough to stop tipping.
Nor do I bitterly resent the fee as a seller. I don’t think about it. I understand it.
I understand that it’s not my money that is getting taken away from me.

I think if people can simply understand that nothing is being taken away from sellers they won’t have a problem with the fee. I’m always happy and grateful for each time someone tips me, without thinking to myself “fiverr took away some of my tip money, grrr”.


Ugh, you people. Here’s an example maybe you guys can process. You walk into a restaurant, have dinner, tip the server with your credit card or debit card. Is the restaurant owner entitled to part of that tip? Or should the restaurant goer pay the owner extra to leave a tip? He has to pay to keep that restaurant running, he has to pay for credit cards fees. NO. Because anyone with half a functioning brain realizes that would be scummy and dishonest.
I literally cannot process the thinking behind defending a company inserting itself in between an expression of gratitude between two people. Do you shake down your kids when they get birthday money from a relative lol? “Listen kid, pony up or get Grandma on the phone. Somebody’s got to keep the electricity running in this house?


There lies the problem.

Fiverr is welcome to charge a fee on all my tips. Each time someone pays a seller on this site it costs the site money, which they are entitled to collect from buyers.

Who says all service workers should get tips anyway? Tips are for restaurants, hotels, taxi’s, and other hospitality workers.


I can process everything fine, and I have my own ideas that have nothing to do with yours or misscrystal’s (no offense to misscrystal who also has her own ideas.) I have already said that I am not a big fan of the fees, especially the ones on tips. I just explained to you that it is not “skimming” no matter what I think of it. It’s not illegal. Skimming is. I’m out and I don’t care if you tip or not.