[TIP] Thank You Notes: The Art of Getting Repeat Buyers


When you deliver an order, do you send buyers a “thank you” note/pdf file?

For my mobile gigs, i always send buyers a pdf called “Thank_You_For_Order”. The file consist of a quick “thank you” message, their mobile url & qr code, instructions on how to scan it, changes (describes what changes i’ll do for free and which ones require the purchase of a gig), gig extras’ information and why its beneficial, tip information (a graphical banner i created that’s linked to my tip gig), and a closing message that consist of a graphical banner that’s linked to my fiverr profile.

This file helps me do four things: thank the buyer, upsell them on gig extras, promote my tip gig, and provide my fiverr profile link for future purchases.

Within my package I also include a bonus folder. I think I may test a new strategy where i just add a section to my pdf that says “Bonus”, with a screenshot of the bonus, and if they share my gig socially and provide proof (most likely a screenshot), I’ll send it to them for free. Since Fiverr doesnt allow us to track who shares our completed orders, this may help me to not only see who does, but also give me free advertisement. :slight_smile:



Lol! You’re silly. Nearly forgot about that. Lol


Yeah I always send thank you notes, right Nakita… especially when someone makes a file for me LOL


Hi Nakita,

Can you give me a copy of your “Thank You” page?

I want to grab some ideas from it.

This is sure a great idea.

Thanks for sharing this mate.


Very good suggestions and insight to good customer service.


Reply to @arjayberg: Mine are specific to what I do, so they may not help you per say.


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I just want to check the lay-out and everything. But if it’s not possible for you, no problem…


I write thank you notes!

I hate people that link me to their tip jar… -_- If I feel that you were that good, I’ll personally find that tip jar myself thank you very much!


Reply to @mrspanda: That’s nice. Lol


Very good suggestions and insight to good customer service and spamming …lol


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Anyway good suggestions


I don’t write thank you notes. i write thank you messages to each buyer. I write them after a few days to a week after the rating to see if they are happy with the project, need anything else, and want to add anymore service to their project. Some end up ordering more gigs, some save my gig to come back later, and some order a tip. very rarely is a customer a one timer unless it’s a customer who was unhappy, only wanted a test gig, or only had a small project. I love frequent customers.


Very good suggestion, thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @voicediva: Thanks, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:


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