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Tip to save response rate


Dont ever miss to reply any new message even if its spam.
Last day receive a message which is shown as spam I delete that and happily now my response rate is at 98%.
Always submit an unspam request and give a reply.
Keep working Keep save. :grinning: :grinning:


Thanks for awesome tip.


This is not true. Doesn’t happen to me. Just report spam as spam.


Agreed. I asked Fiverr team about the sudden drop in my response rate. They informed that I neglected 2 messages and that caused the decline in response rate. And to rule out the possibility that I could have possibly neglected those 2 messages because they were spam, they added that if you received a spam message, simply report it as a spam and it’ll still be counted as a response.


Report spam as spam
Try to reply as soon as possible
but i think your idea is not bad too :wink:


Just share what happens with me


this is what i see


I didn’t mark it as span despite i just simply delete it.
I mean not give me reply and even not report as spam so thats why happens with me


According to the “Response Rate FAQ”, you need to first report a spam message and then delete the first message sent by a spammer:

Spam and Solicitations: You do not have to reply to spam and solicitations in your inbox. As long as you report the message as spam, it will not count against you.

Reporting a spam message is simple: just click the word “Report” next to a new message (and all messages from the user). After you report it, you need to delete the message (only the first message if you received a number of messages).


Thats where i did mistake not report it simply delete it so thought to share with others not to do any mistake


That´s fine, I just thought to paste the FAQ regarding spam messages which Fiverr has on their info pages since your opening post seems to say one should always give a reply, which isn´t needed.

My response rate used to drop as well whenever I got spam messages, despite reporting them, but the last time I followed those instructions (first report, then delete) and it didn´t drop, so that might help someone else too.

For some people, just reporting seems to work, but I know for sure it didn´t work for me several times.


fruitful info. keep going


It is true if you delete or do not report it within 24 hours. CS States that you need to report the messages within the same 24 period in which you would normally respond. After that, it marks against you.


thank you bro for osam tips :slight_smile:


my Respons rate is 92% it is stil abou 1 month but no change i also quick response to my client but its still like before no change ???


very nice tips thanks a lot


day by day stop my sell . any tips for my


Try to reply as soon as possible
but I think your idea is not bad too.


useful piece of information


useful tip thanks to u