[Tip] What to expect from a buyer?


I saw most of the negative rating is given by buyers because the gig was not delivered on time.

So as Seller i would expect a buyer should be,

  1. He/she should be patient.
  2. He/she should co-operate with the seller, if seller have a valid reason for not delivering on time.


Reply to @vkeyme: If something bad happens, then money will probably not be the first thing on your mind, so you can apologize to your buyer and ask for mutual cancellation.

Other than that, for an example, I am a student and I can only work during weekends, that’s why my lead time is 20 days and that’s why I suspend my most soliciting gig (my makeup gig) when I have exams or during holidays.

This way, you can always deliver on time.


sometimes , time just runs out.

Being a seller , we always try to deliver on time, but yes, we all are human and can not work like robots. Buyer and seller both should understand each other and their situation. No offense.


“Stuff happens” but a seller failing to deliver on time is never the buyers fault. Just like, when a cook fails to show up for work and the server tells you sorry, you have to wait for your food.

Is it your fault the cook is running late? No of course, it is not. You the customer/buyer would be upset and rightfully so. You do not want to hear excuses. You might even wonder how the restaurant stays in business with attitudes like that. As the saying goes if you “can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen”.


The buyer shouldn’t wait more than asked to (seller’s lead time). It’s our duty to deliver when promised.

I’m also a seller and precisely because of this, I have set a 20 days lead time to all my gigs, just to make sure I can deliver to everyone, even though it never takes me that long.

However, I usually tell my buyers the amount of time it will take for me to deliver, which is usually 1-7 days. If something happens and I can’t deliver in 1-7 days, I apologize for it, explain my problem, set a new deadline while still within my lead time.


To be honest, it really isn’t the buyers fault at all. Yes, patience is good, but if you’ve set a deadline then it’s crucial that you stick to it.


I agree with @madmoo to certain extent but bad stuff happens all the time, like

Sellers hard-disk crashed or internet connection not working or he have to take some time for any personal reasons, people can’t control bad things happening to them.

And most of us work as part-time on fiverr, so sometimes as a student his/her college exams came in the way or for someone have regular job and due workload he/she have to pause it for a moment.

carlaism said: so you can apologize to your buyer and ask for mutual cancellation.

Yes, I agree. Most of the time, buyers can be understanding if you just communicate with them and you can always ask Customer Support to put the gig on hold, although I am not sure they would be able to comply as the seller did make the commitment to deliver on time. It is a gray area.


Reply to @hotwebideas: I never thought about asking Customer Support to help (not that I’ve ever been in the situation of cancelling a gig because I couldn’t deliver on time).

Usually, mutual cancellation is the preferred option in my opinion because the buyer gets a refund so they can work with someone else for the money instead of waiting for you to be free again or give you a negative rating but lose their invested money.


Reply to @mayuracw: Maybe try to ask them what the problem was. I would advise you to always tell your buyers that you offer a free remake in case they’re not happy with the product. This way, they will surely take advantage of the opportunity of getting what they want, in case you don’t deliver what they wanted from the start.

Now I don’t know you, but there is also the possibility that they didn’t like the way you interacted with them, maybe you weren’t polite enough or didn’t provide all the info they would have expected. Also, good grammar makes you look more professional.

They don’t get anything from giving you a negative review. They still spent their money, you know. If you’re 100% sure that the negative review was left without any logical reason and your buyer doesn’t answer your message, try to contact Customer Support. Maybe they can remove the negative review.


I’ve had times where the buyer took forever to get me their info and I was close to the due date. I got so swamped with my forum posting gig that I just had to update the due date. I never once went over my due date. I always made sure I finished on time or right near the due date. If I didn’t I would make sure to tell the buyer that it may be longer than I thought.


Just treat your buyer as a king. satisfy him or her as much as you can.


Reply to @sandra4service: That made me laugh :wink: