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[Tip] What to Expect from a seller?


This is a general question that as a buyer, what would you expect from a seller ?

for me, i would like.

  1. Seller should deliver on time.
  2. He/She must have good communication skills.
  3. If he/she could not deliver gig on time, he/she must notify me with a prior notice.
  4. Time management is very important.


I agree. But then again, these are pretty much Fiverr rules, at least number 1 and 3, so we all have to follow them (I did not know that not delivering on time was an option though). And it’s very true, good communication skills are also very important. It gives the buyer a feel of security knowing that the seller is a person that can be reasoned with.


I totally agree with you Carlaism, I was saying that in reference to

  1. Seller must deliver on time with Quality (point corrected).

    Because sometime people just delivers a less quality product due the hammer of time or took much time than expected.

    Any Tips and opinion are much appreciated.