Tip: Wordpress services, how to get the best


Hey All, one of the main lines of my services here on fiverr is wordpress services and would like to give buyers some tips to get most in return of their money.

1- If you got some complicated work or something that will take time, do not waste your or all the sellers times to expect it being in done 5. You wont get it, and it will add to your loss, pay according to your task.

2- Do not expect a wonderfull site for 5 dollar, it will never happen. a realistic budget for a complete site (standart) is 150-400.

3-Do not ever underestimate the work the seller does. You dont kno what it takes to accomplish the tasks he has done, for the fees here, do not expect him to educate you on the subject. If your unhappy with the price simply do not get it, if you get it, do not expect anything more.

4- Errors you have on your site, understand that understanding what the error is or what is causing it make time itself worth more than 5. So be ready to pay a analysis fee upfront, if you have problems that might need research before solving them.

5-Do not expect free advisory or technical support for a long period of time after your 5 dollar order. when its complete, its complete. 1 follow up message to ask easy questions is fine, 2 messages are not…

6-Do tip, as it helps you to get better service next time you come to your good service provider…

7- Check your seller, his reputation and reviews. And if you see a pro there, show respect and act accordingly. Do not expect him to do match price with that other kid whos offering the same service for 5. The kid will end up not being able to do it, wasting your time or more worse, making things worse than it was before. Pay a little more, work with reliable people, you will get your moneys worth…