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TIP: You Are Vulnerable. Find Out How!


Hi Sellers,

Which I am now as well! Okay, technically since no sales have occurred I’m more of an “offerer”, but that’s just if you think in the present.

Many sellers did NOT click this thread to find out why they are vulnerable. They are aware of the prefacing statement and seek change. We invite you to continue reading to learn the WHO, WHAT, and WHERE, (the why automatically being money, of course) of this situation, and what you can do to protect yourself. As well as throwing out a few ideas and offering plenty of room for discussion. Let’s begin! And yes, it is “one of those” threads.

I've seen far too many Top-Rated (what an understatement) Sellers drop in rating, and as unlikely as you may think, mere chance may separate YOU from an agonizing end to your fiverr career. If we don't act now.

- We KNOW the danger. The biased buyer. The impossible to please. 90% of the time it's not even on the basis of some ridiculous ego-maniacal standard, it is but pure spite against that one successful seller. Against YOU.

- $5 is a small amount for some. By spending just $25 a "crafty" (envious) person (fellow seller, got your paranoia cap on?) can directly lower FIVE five-star gigs, by lying. Yeah, gigs like yours. I do love a good witch hunt if afterwards those involved meet to discuss a better, more forward-thinking way to go about things in the future: You never know who could be doing this... <:-P We need suggestions. (YES in the proper forum, however few high-rated sellers [the ones who would benefit the most] seem to be cranking out suggestions). Do get on that. I have one until then. I present to you...


I will not constrict the concept with specifics, the root idea is:

Negative reviews (specifically by new buyers, ESPECIALLY ones that would drop 100% ratings/levels/badges) need to have MORE in-depth review. Maybe by the COMMUNITY. Choose your demographic: all buyers, all sellers, entire community, forumers-only, a chosen few?

Just recently, I had the numbing-displeasure of witnessing a buyer/seller interaction that was just...WTF~ He gives $5 to a professional and receives a top-notch promo. But because of EXTERNAL technical issues, this unnamed perp felt the need to drop the poor gal's rating from 100% to 99%.

This injustice cannot continue and must be exposed, QUASHED wherever it may manifest. I feel if a seller had the option to click "DISPUTE" on a negative review (or at least those with heavy-impact) to showcase the work to the community. (AKA a larger, hopefully less-biased consensus then those paying/getting paid) That would put the fate of the seller's rating in the hands of their community, when a random buyer seems unusually shady. Think about it. If the seller really was lacking in any way -- even thinking of laziness -- this is the arraignment that would set them straight.

Support? No? Well, you still need to come up with an idea then. The bottom of this page still says "© Fiverr International Limited 2010 - 2012" I think legally-speaking these forums are no longer apart of what we call "fiverr." Makes sense huh??


You’re quite passionate about this.


You’re so right, and I think this is a fantastic idea; however Fiverr doesn’t really care about sellers-- they’re more concerned about buyers. They need to improve on this, but I don’t think they will.


in commemoration of MsPanda

Bump. Please check out the “My Fiverr Experience” and “Ranting Pot” sections for the only genuine user testimonials on here. You will see why something should be done.


Gotta do something.

Thanks Cass! B-)