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Tipped money from buyer

I’m working on fiverr as an book Illustration artist. all my experiences are good with fiverr. But one special thing I noticed that fiverr takes the same percentage from buyer tip. when I get tipped they take the percentage from this money too. I think tipped money is very special and fiverr should think more about this issue.
thank you


I have experienced the same . However It is Fiver’s Policy


yes. I think they should think to make lil changes on their policy. Isn’t it?


Fiverr can take 20% away from Tip no problem, otherwise many buyers will pay a big part by tip then pay for the real order , fiverr will lost a lot of money . Fiverr created and provided this platform to for us to make money , they also have to pay for maintaining the site, paying employees’ salaries and many other expenses, so they should earn money too .


To be honest, I really disagree with Fiverr on this. They shouldn’t take money from tips. In my eyes, that’s totally unethical. Whilst they process the money, that shouldn’t mean they can take 20% from TIPS.

It’s the law that employers cannot take money from tips. And while Fiverr isn’t our employer, I honestly believe that the same laws should apply to digitally processing tips. If employers can’t, I don’t think it’s right that Fiverr does.

But Fiverr are completely in their rights to do so, but I just believe it wrong.


My thoughts on the matter. ^