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Tipping a Gig Seller


Do Sellers also get 20% tax discount from the tips Buyers give to them? Or that only applies to the Gig price?



Yes, so a $5 tip becomes $4 - but it’s better than a smack in the face with a wet kipper!


Also to add to @offlinehelpers answer:

Tip is a separate transaction, therefore you will have to pay $1 transaction fee for up to $20 tip and 5% after that.


I see, thank you for the info!


So they will charge Me, and charge the Seller?

Oh well!



You will have to pay the transaction fee, the seller will pay commission.

So if you tip $5, you will pay $6.
Fiverr will get $2
Seller will get $4


I’m glad you worked out the maths!


:grinning: It was really hard math!


Sorry, I misunderstood your question when I posted earlier. Let me correct myself.

I have saved a few bucks in transaction fee by pre-tipping on the gig page for regular sellers. I already know they are going to do a great job and getting an amazing bargain, so taking care of them up front is okay too! Either way, Fiverr gets their commission and you get to save a few $$. :wink:


Yep, that’s what i meant!

Though i am more worried about my sellers not getting the full 5 Dollars than me saving a few bucks, is there a custom Tip option? So that i can do the math and make sure they receive the amount i want them to receive, after taxes?



After you accept the order, then you do the review, then there is the feedback and the last option is the gratuity option. There will be three options: Options 1 & 2 will be prefilled by Fiverr and option three is custom. You can pick any amount with minimum of $5 & up.


Thank you! :slight_smile: