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Tipping a seller after the gig has ended


A couple weeks ago my brother purchased a gig from a seller. I and my brother both maintained communication with the seller throughout the project.
I had mentioned at the beginning of the trade that I would like to tip him if the work went okay. He surpassed what I ever though possible, tutoring my brother and allowing him to complete a college math course I didn’t think he’d finish.
It’s been 2-3 weeks since the trade now, but I was a little strapped for cash around the holidays. So it’s been only till now that I can afford to tip him.
I would very much like to provide a tip for his service if at all possible. However, I’m unsure how to do so, any form of communication with him is blocked via the fiver site. Any assistance our advice would be appreciated.

Cody F


All you need to this is contact the seller and tell him to send you a custom off title tip for past work. accept and pay…


Ordinarily you would just contact the seller and they could send you a custom quote for a tip. If you can’t contact the seller, though, he has either blocked you or he’s been in trouble with Fiverr. I don’t think you can do anything.


Thank you, much appreciated.