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Tipping a seller

I will not be tipping any sellers in the future. I am (literally, not figuratively) poor, but I manage to make it because I carefully plan all expenditures.

I understand when Fiverr charges a $2 service fee on an order. However, I do not understand when Fiverr charges a service fee on a tip to a seller!

A $2 service fee on a $5 tip means Fiverr made a 40% markup on my tip! Had I known Fiverr would charge ANOTHER $2 (for a $5 tip) I would not have tipped on my most recent order.

As long as Fiverr charges a service fee on tips, I will not be tipping in the future. I believe tips on an order should be grandfathered in under the same $2 service fee that was charged on the order.

Too bad for your sellers, I guess. I can never tip them, even when I feel they deserve one because I can’t afford the Fiverr fee on a tip.


Welcome @dbriere ,
It’s their policy. We cannot say anything about it.
Thank you.

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The reason Fiverr charges a fee on the tips is because sellers were making deals with buyers to book their gig for a low amount and then tip for a larger amount. That way the seller did not have to pay a commission to Fiverr and the buyer did not have to pay a fee. So unethical people forced Fiverr to make this policy.


Gosh, I didn’t realise that happened. Is a % of the tip or a set charge? I hope the later as a lovely client of mine accidentally gave me a very generous tip last week. Once they realised their mistake they said my work was worth the extra cost and I could keep the money . (In fact I know as a seller there is no way I can refund buyers myself anyway as have asked Fiverr in the past)I can see that unethical sellers could be doing deals to take advantage of tips but it doesn’t seem ethical to me for Fiverr to make money out of happy buyers who want to tip. Why have a tipping option at all in that case?
I’m sure a lot of buyers regret tipping when they realise the tip costs them more. A positive vibe suddenly turned into a negative one.