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Tipping culture?

Hi. I’m in New Zealand, and am currently using as a buyer. In New Zealand we don’t have tipping as part of the buying and selling culture, so I’m not really aware of what is customary or typical with regard when or how much to tip. So on fivver, is it considered rude not to tip? Do you usually only tip if you place a larger order? Do you only tip if you are satisfied? Should you always tip or only if you are really happy?

Thanks if someone could advise me here.



To sum it up, Fiverr HQ provided the feature to make it easier for those who like to tip. Before this feature, most Sellers had to make a stand alone “Tip Gig” to provide the option for Buyers who wanted to tip the ability to do so outside of a stand alone order.

Don’t feel pressured to tip by anyone! When it comes to tipping or not tipping - just do what you your heart tells you. :slight_smile:


A tip is a token of appreciation. If you really like the work you got, if you want to celebrate something awesome that was beyond your expectations, then tipping is the way to do it.

In Las Vegas, gamblers tip or “toke” their dealers when they’re winning. In America, I tip at restaurants, even Subway. Putting a dollar in a jar is how I celebrate the work they do, and the fact that I don’t have to do it. Yes, sellers on Fiverr are already getting paid, but why not give them something extra if you can afford it? It doesn’t hurt you and it creates goodwill.

Thanks everyone for your replies. That’s all really good information, and it’s interesting to hear there are some varying points of view as well.

I don’t think there’s any cultural norm associated with tipping on Fiverr. Of course, it’s welcomed by us sellers, especially if we go above and beyond on your order, but it’s completely up to you as a buyer. To me, it’s not expected. I doubt any seller will think of you negatively for not leaving a tip.

So, it’s your choice. If you’ve received an order where you think the seller has really over-delivered and you don’t have a problem with giving him or her an extra $5, why not? Also, if you just don’t feel like you need to add that extra, that’s your prerogative.

Plus, the tipping feature on Fiverr is relatively new, so it’s doubtful that it has already become a customary thing.

If you think you’ve received a service that’s worth considerably more than the $5 you paid for it, it’s worth leaving a tip to be fair to the seller.

Otherwise, don’t worry about it. Thankfully Fiverr isn’t like a hotel. Otherwise we’d have to tip people for replying to messages. :slight_smile:

I’m Swedish, and we don’t have a tipping culture either. I’m a seller, and I’ve gotten a tip on one of my 20 orders. It’s welcome, but definitely not mandatory! Most sellers will definitely to their best for all their customers, but if you want to work with a seller for a long time a tip could be a really good motivation. I would never expect one though, and I don’t think anyone else does either.

There is no right or wrong here, but my personal opinion is that if you’re really happy with their work, and if you can afford it, a tip towards your favorite seller is a very nice way of showing your appreciation. If you’re happy but don’t want to give a tip, write them a nice review! Reviews are more important to us sellers than you’d think :slight_smile:

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I don’t necessarily agree with that you should not tip if your country doesn’t have a tipping culture. If you travel the world and go visit a country where you go out to eat at a restaurant and tipping is the normal culture, then you should certainly tip there.

But basically you give a tip if you think the service was really extra great or special. On Fiverr is it not necessary of course. But if you feel they did a really good job you can choose to. Many sellers work for $5 but the value of the work is much, much greater.

But just for info, here in the US we tip service providers an average of 15-20%. 15% as the standard tip, and 20% if they were really good. In restaurants, if you get your hair cut, the food take out delivery guy, stuff like that. Here in the US in restaurants, the waiters and waitresses don’t make full salaries, they make very much LESS than minimum wage and their tips are what they have to make their paycheck. If minimum wage is $9.00 per hour in some states, a restaurant worker might make $2.50 r $3.00. This is legal as long as by the end of their shift, the tips add to that base it has to average out to at least $9.00 per hour.

Reply to @lindaenglund: I totally agree with your answer. If you feel that you got work beyond the expectation then must tip. It help seller as well and seller feels motivated.

Even though I’m from the USA where you’re supposed to tip everyone from the garbage man to the mailman to the waitress, I can honestly say I do not actually expect tips on Fiverr. I’ve gotten a small handful and they were truly appreciated, but I definitely don’t expect them.

Despite its rampant overuse here in the good ol’ USA, I think they should still be viewed as a reward for going above and beyond. Not something that should just be handed out.

The times I got one were when I did a $5 gig for someone that helped fix their website query in a short time. If they hired a consultant, it would have been $50 or more an hour. For me it was a simple task, but to them it meant a lot and I got a $5 tip as appreciation.

I guess the bottom line is if you’re selling a service for $5 and you provide that service, you shouldn’t expect a tip on top of it for doing your job. If you went above and beyond then it’s a consideration.

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Reply to @buzzkillington: I agree, they shouldn’t be expected even in the US tipping culture, but it’s a nice thing if someone does go above and beyond if a buyer wants to express their thanks.

I’m Saudi, and we don’t have a tipping culture either, in-addition I think personally tipping can corrupt workers, so they expect a higher tip every time. nevertheless I agree with “fastcopywriter” if you really like the work you got you can give a tips as expression of your appreciation.

You’re NEVER obligated to tip, and I never expect one. I celebrated my level 2 status by adding a tip gig (this was before the new feature) and only because people were asking how they could tip me. I know some people actively solicit tips, which I don’t personally agree with, but I think this practice was part of the reason they added the feature.

LOL. Fiverr was clever to add the tipping feature so they can collect that 20 percent on additional transactions. The fact that it is a default part of the order process immediately guilts you into believing you should tip. With each tip, Fiverr earns even more of your money.

I’m not saying not to tip, especially for someone who delivered great service. But you already agreed on the price, and I’ve not known tipping to be a customary practice with freelancers. I’ve worked as a freelancer and was never tipped, and I’ve hired freelancers and only tipped during the holidays, as Christmas “gifts.” To me it seems manipulative on Fiverr’s part to include the tipping feature by default and, hence, make you feel pressured into tipping.

So, my advice is to do whatever you feel is right for you and your experience with that freelancer. But unless you can verify it elsewhere and objectively, don’t believe that tipping a freelancer is customary, and so don’t feel pressured to have to do it.


In the USA we tip lots of people as part of the culture. I leave tips on fiverr when it’s obvious to me that I got a lot more than I paid for from a seller, or if they seem to have done a lot of work or a superior job. It’s only fair to be generous if you can when someone deserves it.


Hello guys… yes it is important for people to feel appreciated… but in the case of an ongoing relationship with one or more vendors… i wonder if there is way to tip them later after the review has been given… i have only seen the option to tip at that moment but not later… i guess is because it is assumed that you are done and there is nothing goin on anymore… but in one case… i keep getting small revisions to my website by the same guy and it is only fair that after so many changes it will be important to help them out also… keep the “goodwill” “you scratch my back, i scratch yours” kind of thing going… so… does anyone know if this can be done?
Thank you!

You can ask the seller to send you a custom order for the tip amount.

In the US it is customary to tip but not at 100%. If you are paying $5 + $2 service fee for a service and the minimum tip amount they have set is $5 and they add another $2 fee on the tip so you are actually paying $7, that’s a 100% tip. This causes hesitation on the part of the buyer to leave a tip because you can’t choose whatever amount you want to pay for the tip. Fiverr shouldn’t be charging a fee on a tip. No other place I know of charges you an additional amount to give a tip and by doing so they are making the tip less likely for their sellers. I am going to recommend they change their fee charges to be more supportive of their sellers.

I do believe the great ratings matter more to the sellers, but the opportunity to normally receive both would be better. Processing fee on a tip shouldn’t be taken out of the buyer’s pocket. If one needs to be charged on the tip, it should come from the seller since it’s a bonus and wasn’t part of the order.