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Tipping in Fiverr - a dark pattern?

Hi, I am a repeat Fiverr customer. I first I want to say I love Fiverr and it has made things possible that wouldn’t be otherwise for me. I do have some UX feedback in regards to tipping though:

I understand why Fiverr lets you tip your seller, and I think this is a great feature. However, the way it’s implemented now almost borders on being a dark pattern in my opinion. I feel more bullied into giving tips, versus feeling free to tip people who really deserve it. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Assuming we want to tip rather than only presenting the tip option in cases where the seller went above and beyond.
  • A great pattern would be instead of automatically showing tip amounts to select, ask the buyer if the seller went above and beyond, or simply met expectations (a mini post-gig survey). If the buyer selects “above and beyond” then show a prompt that says “consider giving a tip to this seller.” Once selected, I can then enter a tip amount that I feel is warranted vs pressured. If I select “met expectations” I could still have the option to tip, but not as prominent in the UI. Also, consider adding some reassurance in the UI like “Don’t feel pressured to give a tip. Only tip if you feel the seller has exceeded expectations.” That would be super comforting for me. And I would still tip, just not as often.
  1. The tip prompt doesn’t tell me, for example, what percentage of people tip, what the average tip percentage/amount is for my seller, etc.,. I’m tipping blindly. At least at restaurants I know what the customary tip amount is. At Fiverr I have no idea.
  • Obviously revealing the percentage of your seller’s customers who tip could hurt tip conversion, but it also frees the buyer from tipping out of guilt. You want the buyer to use the tip feature when appropriate, otherwise we feel cheated and will look for cheaper sellers in the future. I want to tip when I have a really great experience. I don’t want the seller thinking I’m greedy and not wanting to work with me again in the future because I might be the only one who doesn’t tip, or if I tip less than their normal amount. I will say I’ve entered custom amounts less than 15% and felt slightly guilty doing so. Is that how you want your users to feel when using your product? I will also say I’ve tipped and felt great about it. I want to always feel great when voluntarily spending more money than the gig costs.
  1. No default option to give the minimum.
  • Starting without an option to tip the minimum artificially increases the tip amount. I have paid more in tips than I wanted to on orders. That’s great for Fiverr and for the seller, but it’s not great for the buyer. It means I now perceive Fiverr to be less cost effective than it really is. 15% is a significant amount of money when I’m already paying multiple hundreds of dollars for a gig I can barely afford. And then of course Fiverr’s fee doesn’t show until after the tip amount has been selected.

Please consider implementing UX patterns that are more fair for the buyer in regards to tips. Sellers can price their packages at rates they deem worthwhile and fair. Tips should only be given for outstanding “above and beyond” performances (which I have experienced on Fiverr and gladly tipped for).


I agree with you that undue pressure is put on sellers to tip and to leave reviews. I recently placed an order, and I was asked twice to tip and twice to review.

I think $5 would be the minimum. :thinking:

There is also the Custom option.

I thought Fiverr already does this in their secret reviews, although it is not related to the tip. But perhaps it could be. But then every buyer could check the circle that made the tip option disappear to avoid the whole issue. :thinking:

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You know they take a cut of tips as well, right? They would never add that!

I know I mentioned this in the previous thread that had the secret review images, but I REALLY hate that “Perfect” is the wording for a 5 star equivalent rating for overall quality.

Perfection is an ideal and not a reality, so technically no seller should ever receive a perfect rating on that metric. It should be replaced with “Excellent,” “Fantastic,” etc.


Yeah I don’t see dollar amounts, I see percentages. And 15% is the lowest. Yes you can enter a custom amount which I started doing.

I wonder if the amounts versus percentages depends on the cost of the gig. Mine was a $200 gig.

That may be. I usually spend about $25 or less. We both are from the same country so it is not that. But it may be because I am a seller buyer?