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Tipping is Not Customary

If you want more for your gig, charge more.
After having a gig done well, and leaving a 5 star review,
I get a note from Fiverr (not the seller) telling me that
tipping is customary and asking how much I’d like to tip!
If I want to tip the seller, none of it ought to go to Fiverr



This has already been discussed several times. There’s a legitimate reason why Fiverr does that. :arrow_down:

There used to be a time when tips didn’t have the 20% service fees added to them. However, a lot of sellers started taking advantage of this system. How, you ask?

Well, for example, if a buyer wanted to actually place a $200 order, the seller would, instead, convince them to just place a $5 and pay the remaining $195 in the form of tips.

Do you see what’s wrong here?

By doing this, sellers used to evade the 20% service fee. When Fiverr should have, in fact, earned $40 (as 20% service fees) from the $200 order, they’d have only earned a measly $1. That’s a huge loss for Fiverr.

You can also check out:

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There would have been a lot of scamming in this way. Buyer even cancels completed orders when they want to. Working for $5!!! Buyer would say adios after getting the files. There is not any guarantee that they would pay!!


I don’t remember this and I certainly don’t know any sellers dumb enough to give $200 worth of work for $5, in the hope a buyer will tip later.

You get this because Fiverr is a bit greedy. If a seller sent you a message suggesting that you tip them or even leave a review if you have had a positive buying experience, they would likely be penalized by Fiverr.

Fiverr wants you to tip because even if you just tip $5, they get $1 in commission and $2 in processing fees. Bottom line, just don’t tip. Also, don’t interpret messages and policies like these as being the result of Fiverr sellers wanting more $$$'s. We have no control over what messages Fiverr sends buyers before, during, or after a sale.



You have no idea what some scammers here are capable of. The concept of “risk” doesn’t even come into the picture when the only thing these scammers are interested in is to try and swindle gullible buyers/sellers (and Fiverr) of substantial amounts of money/work before they disable their account. They then create a new account and start all over again (find a new target). I will chalk your unawareness up to your inadequate experience on this platform.


You are absolutely right. I never said these sellers used to force buyers to leave a tip. There’s a reason why I used the word “convince.” They used to convince buyers to place a $5 gig (instead of say $200) and then pay the $195 in the form of tips. The seller would probably only deliver the entire work once the buyer paid the remaining amount (tips). The buyers wouldn’t suspect a thing because it’s not like they are having to shell out extra money, right? They are just paying the initially agreed amount of $200 (but in the form of a $5 order and $195 tip).

@pyonarts @siobhan_ellis I am not sure if you had a look at the forum post that I had linked in my previous post. If you have a look at it, you will notice that a forum moderator has also said the same thing I just said.

There have been several such threads in the past where buyers have confirmed that sellers are resorting to such methods. Just because you don’t think that’s possible doesn’t mean such activities weren’t happening.

You might ask, “Are you saying some sellers made the complete delivery only after their buyers tipped them the remaining amount? Isn’t that against ToS? Isn’t that reportable?”

Well, so is asking for a 5-star review. But that never stopped some sellers from asking for a 5-star review now, did it?

Why do you think Fiverr has now made it impossible for buyers/sellers to change a review? They have made it such that a buyer can’t even change a review for legitimate reasons (misclick, etc). You can thank the small % of sellers who used to annoy the frick out of their buyers and constantly demand 5-star reviews for Fiverr’s decision.

It is because of this small % of people who violate the ToS that a lot of restrictive rules have been enforced on Fiverr.

Back when reviews were editable and tips didn’t have the 20% fee added to them, there were probably a sizable number of sellers who were violating the ToS by 1) asking their buyers to edit their reviews or 2) making the full delivery only after receiving a large % of the order amount in the form of tips. I am sure buyers were reporting such sellers to Fiverr. And, in order to bring down the number of such reports from buyers, Fiverr decided to take restrictive measures as a result.

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If they’re really greedy, there wouldn’t be any tipping limits. They just don’t go together. :thinking:

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Why would tips go to fiverr….20"% of my income already does :roll_eyes:

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You’d probably understand why if you read the other posts in this thread. :wink:


lol I know why I just think its not a good policy


I think tipping limits that limit the tip to a percentage of the gig price should help/be enough to stop people asking for their full order price in a tip. eg. so it would stop someone sending $200 tips for a $5 gig if they can only tip up to 50% of a gig price or whatever the max is.

That sort of limit (% of the gig price) would help ensure people don’t totally override the 20% service fee on normal gig purchases, so maybe they could remove the 20% charge on tips. If the 20% fee was removed from tips some people might still try to use tips instead of paying normally but they would only be able to pay up to the fixed percentage of the gig price and Fiverr could have methods to detect if sellers asked to be paid through tips (they probably already do with the “pay” keyword).


I agree. However, I don’t see a way for Fiverr to stop the practice entirely without implementing the 20% fee.

What I gave was an extreme example (in order to make the loophole very obvious). Even if a seller would have asked the buyer to place a $5 order (in place of $10) and asked them to pay the remaining $5 as a tip, Fiverr would have lost some money ($1).

If thousands of sellers (which is still a very small % of the total # of sellers on Fiverr) were to do this, it would add up to a significant amount of lost revenue.


But if asking for tips was against the terms of service (assuming it isn’t) and Fiverr automatically detects the “pay” keyword in messages Fiverr should be able to detect it. Sellers could risk warnings on their account if they ask for tips if doing something like that was against the rules. So as long as the seller never asks for tips and it’s totally the buyer’s decision whether to tip, they should remove the 20% from them really.



True. However, considering there are millions of Fiverr users, even a small % of that would still be a pretty large number. It is obvious that Fiverr is going to take all measures possible to try and reduce this number. Perhaps, they took the easiest route available to them/path of least resistance in trying to achieve that. They probably find it easier to levy a 20% fee on all tips than implement @uk1000’s suggestion.


This doesn’t mean Fiverr should stop taking measure to try and stop those who are trying to exploit the system. Just because criminals will always find ways to get away with violating the laws of the land doesn’t mean police officers should just give up and stop trying to maintain law and order.

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This and a lot more:
Running this website
Paying thousands of employees
Having lots of offices all over the world
Running a large marketing department with a high budget
Processing payment transactions
Processing our earnings transactions
Running a large customer support department
Being a publicly traded company with a board of directors
Having a team of engineers who are experienced programmers
Having dedicated servers and using Amazon servers, which cost a lot

People don’t realize apparently everything we sellers get in the way of benefits by using this site and it all costs a lot of money to run.

We are partners with fiverr, and they get 20% of everything we get.
It’s a bargain.

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I understand the fiverr platform fees overall, it’s a business, and we are also clients, we use it to find clients for our services.

But as for as the tipping goes, I’m really torn. The tip buyers give, is intended for the seller, not the company, for extra attention, care, quality. To think that they pay 12$ and the seller only gets 8$, is too much. At least I think they shouldn’t charge the buyers fee, so they would pay 10$ and we get 8$. That would resolve the scamming problem, and don’t throw buyers off of tipping.

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And risk getting instantly and permanently banned if they get caught (for example, if the buyer finds it suspicious, or if the buyer has bothered to read the ToS).

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This is a HUGE risk. Why would any sane person do this? If I can get away with something worth $200 for $5, why would I bother to tip you if I already got what I wanted? I find this very difficult to believe.

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Odd. I have been here since 2012 and have always had to give 20% to Fiverr. Never once has there been a tip in all the years I have been here where I got to keep the full amount. In fact, back in the “old days”, we had to make a Gig to accept tips OR add it as an Extra. That is why I think Fiverr decided to add it to the Gigs about 4 or 5 years ago.

The reasoning still stands as to why they charge commission on those tips. If we were to get 100% of every tip, there are a lot of sellers who would just circumvent the price of the Gig for the Tip in order to keep a huge percentage of the money.


I think that the 20% is fair. I also think is like @misscrystal wrote above. And I would add that Fiverr offers buyers and sellers safety online.

Looking at it as buyer: As a buyer myself apart from being a seller, I am not aware of any other platform with such a variety of gigs, such quality and in such good prices.

Looking at it as seller: In the beginning a seller thinks that 20% is too much. Because they have still not realized all that what Fiverr offers. Sellers get their own little shop online in a platform where millions of potential buyers are coming to buy, without having to do nothing more than to post a gig. All the helpful tools for posting a gig are given by Fiverr. Even an Academy to learn how to sell. A seller just needs to do a good job and self-promotion in the beginning. Later things work a bit automatically. Especially when one gets repeat buyers.

About the tips, I think one should rather focus on getting payed in a fair way for their job, so that it is a win-win situation. If a tip comes afterwards, it means that the work delivered was awesome and above expectation.

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