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Tipping the seller


This service is amazing, I have had a great experience with ALL of the sellers I have worked with. Some of them however blew my expectations out of the water. Why isn’t there a tip function, just to add a couple dollars to the gig for exceptional service?


I wondered this too. One seller I bought from had a $5 tip as an extra, so I was able to use that, but another buyer didn’t have a tip option, so I ordered a gig and told them it was for a tip. As a built in option would be nice.


One thing I hadn’t thought of until I saw this thread was the idea of offering less than a $5 tip. I know when I pay tips in the local community I can’t always afford a $5 tip, especially for a $5 service. I can often afford a $1 tip. It would be great if Fiverr offered a built-in option so that buyers could choose ANY whole dollar amount from 1-? dollars. I think it would increase tipping and even if Fiverr still took 20%, for many of us any tip would be valued. The other benefit of having it built-in is that we wouldn’t have to take up an entire gig space for a tip gig. Those starting out may need tips the most but are now stuck at 7 gigs max, so if they want a tip gig they have to use up valuable space.


@fonthaunt: Good idea. I know I’d be appreciative even of a $1 tip. I think the option should be on the order page, where the seller delivers the work and the buyer is asked to give feedback. Maybe along with the star feedback option, there could be an optional space below that says something like “Would you like to leave a tip?” with buttons in $5 increments or a box you can write a custom number into (like the custom offer option sellers have now).