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Hi! I just got a great job from a seller, in a just a few days. I thanked them and then gave them the thumbs up. They asked for a tip. Is this normal for Fiverr??



Uh, well, buyer should be the one offering tip. Otherwise it’s sort of weird, I think.


They shouldn’t ask for that! Bad etiquette. That isn’t normal. I would never ask for a tip!


No, this is not normal. Also, it is unappreciated. I cannot imagine feeling comfortable being asked to give someone money because they thought they did a good job.


I do get tips through my tip gig every now and then, but I have never asked ( or was asked) for a tip. I think what you experienced is not normal.

If you feel like the person deserves a tip. I’d say by all means you can tip them, but you should never be asked or forced to do so.


That sounds incredibly odd. Even if they are used to other buyers tipping them left and right, tipping is not something that should be expected/demanded from all buyers as a result. If they think their work is worth more, then they should change more, not ask for tips.


I am guilty of leaving a link to my tip jar while delivering sometimes. I don’t find it a big deal considering I work extremely hard.


Reply to @matt_garry: But you don’t come back after delivery and ask for one, do you? :slight_smile:


Reply to @matt_garry: I think it’s okay to just add a link, it’s fair to let them know they can consider it. You don’t beg them, you don’t just ask them. I think there’s no reason for you to feel guilty at all! :slight_smile:


I’ve seen many sellers ask for a rating and/or tip. It’s usually positioned as an aside thought …something like…

If you are excited about the results you received. Please take a moment to share with the community with the feedback tool by picking the green thumbs up and sharing your enthusiasm. Further, if the work in you mind rates it, I can take a tip at (LINK)



Ask for good rating is he know he did well ----> OK

Asking and beg for a Tip

> totally wrong!!!


Reply to @ynneblack: :slight_smile: and the best part of it is it actually works :wink:

I live in BC, Canada we have the lowest wages in the country and the highest living costs by far. Tipping has become a way of life so people can survive off a 40 hour work week. I tip my barber, my waitress, mechanic. I even tip the person who makes my subway sandwich or sells me a coke at the store. In fact my girlfriend makes 40% of her income from tips! And when I worked at a restaurant it was about 30% of my income. So why would I not except a tip on fiverr…


I would think that a seller asking for a tip is highly unusual. I figure, if I did a good job and they want to tip me they will ask me where and how.

In general though, I do try to encourage additional orders aka gig extras or other more advanced orders as I deal with SEO and that can be pretty expansive and hits multiple areas.


If someone asks for a tip, it’s a surefire way of NOT getting one, in my experience.

I am aware of the tip option and will use it as I feel it is deserved, but to blatantly tout for tips is one way to lose any repeat business.