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Please let us KEEP all of our tips! I have no problem having 20% of my revenues taken out by Fiverr, after all, fiverr helps me globally compete. But it’s disheartening to receive a tip and have all of that added into my total and then completely disappear like it never happened! Tips are a gift from buyers who feel we went above and beyond and want to reward us. They boost our morale and keep us working hard to make Fiverr the ONLY place people buy. I want to keep my tips. If this were any other business I would keep them, and claim them on my taxes. Why take that from us?

This has been explained on the forums so many times, so you can find one of those other posts and read it or perhaps someone else wants to write it again. Your tip certainly does not completely disappear, though, you get 80% of it. The other option is to lose the tip feature. I love the tip feature, so my vote as a seller is to keep it and pay commission.

i want to keep my whole tip also. i got my first tip and i could not get it completely so sad to say.

Lol we don’t want to get the function removed completely . i love tips, got once though but felt awesome.

Now that I have more time, I’ll just write it again. Here is an article about tips:

As stated there, the commission is in place to prevent abuse or fraud. it is unfortunate, but there are some sellers who would try to get around paying commission on the real order by abusing the tip feature. They would tell a buyer the price of a gig was $25 (example) and then ask the buyer to purchase a $5 gig and pay a $20 tip to complete the transaction. On a $25 gig, Fiverr should earn a commission of $5 but would instead get only $1 while the seller would get $24 without paying the appropriate commission. Everyone “wants” to get the entire tip but the abusers make that impossible.

Thanks for sharing this with me. It makes more sense now. While I am not new to fiverr I am completely new to the forums and am having a difficult time searching them. You are the first person to bring me this information, which I have now bookmarked. Thank you fonthaunt.

** Drudging up an old discussion, but I am one of those who can’t seem to create a new one. Hopefully, Fiverr will fix it soon. **

I left for a few months so there seems to be changes that came about. One of the things I noticed is the new format for seller’s site (I kind of like the old format better. I can chose the extras I want, now I have only three choices.)

The other, more importantly, the older format allowed for a “Tipping” button/icon or whatever you call it. I used to be able to tip some of my favorite/regular sellers in advance - since I know they were going to do a great job and I’m getting a bargain for what I want.

That feature seemed to have disappeared. I can only tip after the product has been delivered. Was this great once upon a time feature deleted for some reason? Was there abuse? I can’t really see how.

For those of you who say: "Why don’t you just tip after the fact?"
The answer is: “I do.” but it would be nice for me to have the option to pre-tip.

You can always purchase an additional gig and just let your seller know that you choose to pre-tip, or simply ask them for a custom offer.

As for the packages, most sellers still offer gig extras. You have to click on your desired package first in order to see their gig extras.