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Tips 4 new users

  1. use proper key words while creating your gig
  2. stay online maximum you can
  3. apply 10 buyer requested every day
  4. response quickly
  5. always keep yourself busy to learn more things and good communicaiton.
  6. never try to break rules. always be honest.
  7. keep patient and wait

i hope one day you will be a successful seller.


These seem to be working out great for you.

Is there any chance we can get some filter that just censors out the same old myths?

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everything not suit to everyone.
so it better to ignore it

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Okay I’ll follow from now on

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okay thats good i hope it will work


i do all these things and noticed that its very good

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that good. @tanveer1975 these all suggestions are so good. i will follow them.
thank you @tanveer1975 for nice suggestions

@samarashahz, @hmsahed71, @kometbeats, @tanveer1975, @creativity18 This thread is full of top notch advice.

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Thanks for your input