Tips And Advice For Newbies On Fiverr


Please delete this post.


Same, I was looking for the same question as I am also newbie on forum.


Two things jump out at me:

1.) You are NOT the woman in your Fiverr profile picture. You’re going to want to fix that. I easily found that image elsewhere online. It looks like you stole it from a dating website. I wonder what the real woman in the picture would think if you are using her image to make money. Use a real photo of yourself. Anything else is fraud. And fraud is illegal.

2.) In your press release gig you claim the following: “Your news will feature on over 120 top affiliate sites of NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC.” Really? How can you possibly guarantee that those major news outlets will feature the information your customers ask you to write press releases for? Fraud is wrong, but so is promising services that you cannot hope to deliver.

3.) Everything a new seller needs to know about being successful here on Fiverr can be found in the Terms of Service, the Fiverr blog, and other topics here on the forum. Please take the time to do your own research, rather than expecting other people to provide it to you for free. You have the ability to grow your business.

It is YOUR responsibility to build your success.


Thank you for your contribution and the points mentioned. I actually picked the image online because I don’t want to use my own image due to some personal reasons. I will consider changing it to my own picture.
Also for the distribution that you talked about, I use a third party firm that helps in the distribution. They are tested and trusted. I do the writing by myself and give to them for distribution.
I so much appreciate your comment and I think it is the first step in the right direction to achieve what I want on Fiverr.


I second @jonbaas about the picture. Let’s call it part of an etiquette.
Is it possible that the service you provide falls into the category of the “sponsored content”?


I do press releases writing and distribution. It is slightly different from sponsored content.


Fiverr advises sellers to use some form of logo if they don’t want to show their real face. Failing that, an image that relates to their gig.

The company isn’t fond of sellers using images of other people.


Are the “personal reasons” because you are actually a guy, pretending to be an attractive woman, because you think it will result in more sales? I would hope not, because this is a common – and inappropriate – tactic many new male sellers try to use. It doesn’t work, yet hundreds of male sellers keep doing it anyway.

Based upon countless facts, data, communication, and all of those other guys doing this, an attractive stock photo, or other stolen photos of cute women from the internet (which you are clearly using), almost ALWAYS end up being male sellers. And they almost always lie about their claims when pressed by those of us who see right through this tactic.

I would hope you don’t plan to lie as well. If you’re a guy, own up to it. Stealing a photo of an attractive woman from the internet, in order to make sales by pretending to be a woman is fraud. And fraud is illegal. I would hope you’re not committing fraud. :wink:


I’m not committing fraud. I have a more personal reason for what I did.
Thanks for your comment. It’s appreciated.


Yes, you are. You’ve stolen that photo of a woman from a dating website, and you’re pretending that you are that woman in order to gain sales from a pretty face. You are not that woman, so that IS fraud.

Fraud is illegal. There is no excuse for fraud.