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Tips and feedback for proofreading gig

Hi everyone!

I have a gig that is very close to my heart and is something I enjoy doing i.e. my passion. I have always loved reading books and have had a keen eye for detail. My first instinct after reading a text is to mentally start picking it apart and identifying errors.

Unofficially, I used to help my batchmates with their essays and term reports in high school. While at university, I went on to work for the writing centre. Which is why it was a no brainer to create a ‘proofreading and editing’ gig once I joined Fiverr.

However, I haven’t been getting any orders despite ranking on the 4th page. Is it because most buyers prefer Native English speakers only? Or is there something wrong with my gig? I have written the description in bullet points and phrases instead of proper sentences since that helps readability. What would other sellers and buyers suggest I do to get more orders?

Send help and stay safe! Cheers!


These articles may help you:

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Thank you for this @coerdelion!

Does there appear to be something in my gig that violates the TOS though?

I’d take out the bit in the FAQ that says "Previously I have worked on college essays " under "What type of content do you edit? " as preparing academic work isn’t allowed.

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Thank you so much! I did revise my gig in accordance to ToS but might have missed this part. Thanks again!

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In the third thread @coerdelion shared, please see (DES) point 1. This point is especially true for proofreading.

As for ‘native’ that’s a tricky question. Your written English is quite good, and it looks like you have been getting orders.

The orders on my gig are unfortunately from a month ago. It has been more than 30 days since I’ve received an order which is why I resorted to seek help from this forum.