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Tips and Tricks for get gig Impressions Clicks Views Orders

I want to increase my gig’s impressions,clicks,views and orders.What should i do for it?
My gig link :



Make your Gigi Titel short and focus on keyword also use attractive gig image .


I made Title short, made gigs with proper keywords. Also I share my Gig links to social media such as facebook and twitter. But Gig is not ranked and also order is not coming.:disappointed_relieved:


The first think I’d do is make a more high resolution and good looking gig image. Then research your keywords (if you haven’t done it yet) and make sure to include them in your title and description.
After having an attractive image, title and description, the only thing you can do besides sharing and marketing yourself is to wait!
I personally waited around a month for my first order, if I recall correctly. It varies a lot depending on your niche.
Best of luck to you!


Maybe that’s because @parepeter 's “tips” are not exactly tips.

Oh and while we are on the subject: @shopify_exp there are no tricks or shortcuts.

Just common sense.


I am not at all familiar with your niche (graphic design) so I can’t give you advice on this field.
However, I can give you tips on how to communicate with clients. Make sure to always be friendly and make clear what you are offering before starting the work. By agreeing on everything before making an offer, you can use your message history with Support if a client wants to scam you or wants infinite revisions.
Seeing your descriptions, improving your English is always a good way to sound (and be) more professional than your competition!