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Tips And Tricks for New Sellers and Get motivation Read Completely

Hello Every one And Thnak you to Fiverr community I am New Seller And I got orders on daily basis what i am doing and what should you do for getting orders?
Hi folks! as we all know creating a best Gig Fiverr Profile is really important to let your buyer know about yourself.Most people especially the New Sellers on Fiverr often think that once they created a Gig one day they will start getting orders the other day.But it’s not that easy!you have to look after the number of factors to persuade your buyer to buy your services.One of those factors managing your Seller Profile.There are number of people working already on Fiverr processing high quality skills and Experience.You have to find out uniqueness in yourself to stand out among the a lot.But how do you this?Still remains an agenda.
Don’t create a Fiverr Profile Yet?
You have to follow these rules before making a Fiverr Profile.
1)Personal Information
Personal Info is very important In this section you have to explain yourself.Try to focus on yourself rather than you start justifying skills and professional experiences etc.This Information is visible to active buyer’s on your public profile mood.The more personal you get ,The more benefit you will get.
Profile Picture
Add a Profile picture of your own Make sure your profile picture is real genuine and focuses on your face with good quality image this will help you more.Always use a profile pictures professionally don’t use non-serious face.
In this description section write purely about yourself and share hobbies and your past experience and your current experience a little bit about your psychological attitude etc.Let buyers know about your personality So they might collaborate with you.
Description should be between 200 or 650 characters long.

Now you can make your Fiverr Profile out standing…

You can check my fiverr profile and Gigs too and get motivation!

Thank you


Thanks man :smiley: I was encouraged by what you posted :slight_smile:

orders on a “daily basis” huh? cool stuff…

Also, according to Fiverr ToS, you are not allowed to give out “personal information” like e-mail address, contact number, skype ID, etc. So, I wouldn’t agree with this :arrow_down:

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Fantastic dear
Thanks to share your profile and videos

This is spamming the forum. If you want help with your gig you need to make your own post.

I agree with that :grin::+1: personal info is one of the most valuable thing to secure and protect :smiley: especially in these days…

Oh I’m really sorry :frowning: … I’m newbie here

But thanks for your correction :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here are the forum rules for future reference: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

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pernonal info means your name your past experience not email,id and phone number sir

Okay… No worries. According to Fiverr, personal info. could also refer to email ID and contact number etc.

So, I just wanted to make it clear is all. :+1:

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