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Tips and tricks for sellers

Hello everyone, this is Shihab. I am also a professional freelancer on Fiverr. I am working in this profession since 2017. But my success comes from last 6 months. You can have a look of my profile:

I saw that many people are searching to earn money from internet. Most of the people are Bangladeshis and Pakistani. But they don’t know the proper way to earn it. There is a huge amount of works in the marketplaces. But you need to make you ready for these jobs. Such as (WordPress, Graphics Design, Web development etc. That’s why i am here to give some tips who have ability but don’t don’t know how to make money from marketplaces.

Tip-1: (Profile Setup)

Make your profile more professional. Don’t try to describe much about yourself. Try to write about what can you serve to your clients/buyers. Try to be unique. You can have an idea from my profile. And also make your profile image clearer.

Tip-2: (Consistency)

Success never comes early. You must have to be consistent to your profession. You can use some tricks to be active 24hr. There is an extension “Super auto refresher plus” in chrome you can use that. Many of people say that it is harmful. But i don’t find anything harmful in that and it continuously working for my success.

Tip-3: (Gig Making)

Gig is the most important thing in fiverr. This is the main game changer. But if you think a little bit, it is all about tricks to make your gig in the first position.

1.Make your title using some keywords.

  1. Use tags from your title. Your keywords must be similar with your title.

  2. Then make your prices by taking idea from other gigs. (Don’t copy other gigs)

  3. In description you must repeat your keywords once or twice. like (WordPress website, Redesign website etc). Try to keep a keyword in the first line of this description.

  4. Your gig image must be detailing. You can try to make it from

  5. Save and publish your gig.

(If you need to make changes you must do it within 48-72 hour after publishing your gig. Don’t make changes in your gig after that, it will harm in ranking)


Thanks for share your valuable knowledg. I am new in fiverr. I think this tips will help me to get early success and it will be help full for them who are new in fiver.


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Best tips and trick for New user

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