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Tips and Tricks ? No sales

Hello I created yesterday a new gig :

My gig :

I would like to raise somes advices so I can start selling!



Keep online for more sell. Best wishes :tada:



I studied French for two years when I was a teenager in school (it’s been many years though, haha). I love the French language! It’s so smooth and pleasing to the ear. :slight_smile:

I had a look at your gig. One thing I would suggest is to not talk about pricing. I would remove these lines:

“I am young and my prices are affordable.”
“Price will not be as professional ones so they will be lowered. However, It doesn’t mean the quality lowers.”

Just stick to talking about your experience and how the work you provide is of good quality. It is good to mention your age and how you learned English. This helps the buyer understand who they are working with.

A couple of spelling errors:

“my hole life” should be “my whole life”
“studend” should be “student”

Lastly, I would suggest searching for other translation services for ideas on how to improve your gig.

Bonne chance!

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Staying online does NOT guarantee more sales.


Thank you for you response. Yes I will definitely change thoses words of my gig.

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