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Tips and tricks please

Hey, I’m a web dev Front-End, and I have a gig but nobody sees it… Can someone help me with some tips ?
How can I gain visibility ?
How to attract people ?
How to interest them ?
And is my gig good or bad ? (honestly)
And if it’s bad, what should I do to make it better ?

can someone help please ?


The gig video says “And I have on of the cheapest…” instead of “And I have one of the cheapest”.
Maybe show/describe more what the benefits of your gig are (so they can see why your gig would be better for them than the competition).

I think having some sort of image on your profile would help.

But if you’re not getting orders, send offers to buyer requests you can do.

edit: Also make the video thumbnail image show something more relevant to what the gig is about maybe (eg. something related to websites/custom coded-websites).


Thank you for answering and correcting my video !

But in the buyer request I can’t find any request that fits what I do, it’s always debugging, or refactoring a code, or a software…

If your gig is in the best subcategory (most suited to what the gig is for) there’s not much more you can do to get the best buyer requests for it. Other than try to get to level 1 where you’ll probably see more of them. I assume you’ve tried selecting the specific subcategory on the right (though maybe it doesn’t make any difference - though maybe it might if the buyer doesn’t specify the subcategory, only the category).

Try entering a search/searches in the buyer request page (in the search box in the top right) if there are many but it isn’t easy to find the ones best suited to your gig.

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Does it search in my buyer request list or does it search for any requests ?

Just in your buyer request list. Also it’s an “or” search for every word you put in, even if you put 2 of them in quotes. But it might help.

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Alright thanks uk ! :smiley:

So I added a profile picture and I changed the gig video. Thank you again for spotting the error and for recommending me !

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Just a remark to your Gig description that says “The cheapest pack costs 55$,” but the basic - Casual Website package costs $45.

It is a mistake?

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I think it’s because the basic package price has recently been changed form $55 to $45 but it’s not been changed in the gig description.

Yeah right. Thanks blavaro.