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Tips and tricks to create professional logo

Tips and tricks to create your free professional logo

Tips and tricks to create your free professional logo for your blog or website !
How to create a logo in photoshop. If you read this article completely, you can create it yourself from A to Z your professional and creative logo!Do you know that the design of a logo is the most difficult task in a project?A logo should be unique, simple, creative, original and professional. The good logo is one that can withstand years and years, take for example large companies (Nike, Adidas, Mercedes …), do not you find that their logos are easy to create?
Everyone can do the same using photoshop .MoreCreate logo with illustratorI propose, in this tutorial Illustrator free video, to teach you to create a professional logo with the software’s database tools. We will learn simple techniques to easily perform a vector logo may be declined on different media types the Web, print, screen …

More How to Create an Animated 3D Logo You want a logo with a slight perspective, without using a 3D software? So this tutorial will probably be useful.I explain the method to create a logo perspective only Photoshop. This is what is commonly called a 3D false. It is quite difficult and it requires a strong foundation and a very good technique on Photoshop, and the concentration and time.