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Tips are for Fiverr or the Seller?

Dear friends

I am a professional musician, I have over 140 CDs recorded and produced by me, I’m Fiverr user almost two years, and whenever I get a tip the Fiverr applies a tax that I do not agree.
I think the tip should be full to the seller because the Fiverr has received 20% of the work performed.
I would like Fiverr not apply any tax on tips
What do you think?

Giovani Goulart

First, Fiverr has explained that the commission on tips is only there to avoid abuse of the tip function. There are dozens of posts explaining it as well, so I won’t repeat it, but the only option besides paying the commission (that Fiverr has earned many times over) is to not have tips at all. I would much rather have 80% of a tip than 0% of a tip.

Second, the forum rules do not allow for your promotion of an off-Fiverr website so your link must be removed.

I WANT MY $1!!!

I think you haven’t thought this through.

If they removed the ‘commission’ on the tips, people would be asking for payment in tips.

I don’t know why having 140 CDs is relevant.

Maybe if you are great enough you should get 100% of the tip but not if you are just a regular guy?

I think you do not you understood the question, but thanks for your opinion … helped me to clarify

I did not say that missing discussions on this subject … but Fiverr could manage it otherwise. Thank you for give forth your opinion

Thank you for having given your opinion

Regarding the number of CDs that have worked, if you are not realized, the intention is to show that I have a lot of experience and I know other platforms working online. This is not relevant.

Thank you for having given your opinion