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Tips are not being added to earned monthly amount

For last month I’ve been noticing that my tips are not being added to earned monthly amount, I’ve lost quite a amount this way, I contacted support but as you these days support is not answering timely, they said they are looking in this and amount won’t go anywhere, but it’s been a month.

I am monitoring my earning and everything so I am pretty sure my amount is less than calculated.

Hope you guys can help or enlighten me.

Thanks in advance.


Same here, but why?..

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I see that my tips have been added. If you check they are a separate entry on the earnings page. They are not part of the order.


Yep. Same here.

At the end all we got to with support that they said that it’s a display issue (which I wrote myself in my very first message, that it’s a display issue and I want it fixed :woman_shrugging:) and that pending clearance is correct and just closed my ticket.


I am facing the same issue. Fiverr CS system wrote me back saying the issue has been solved. But it’s not. The numbers are not showing correctly.

Another issue that I noticed is If I have an order of $30, the “expected earnings” should show $24. Instead the “expected earnings” shows $36 :roll_eyes:


I thought I am alone with this, I’ve also contacted with support let’s see what they say, will update here.


Are you getting more than expected?

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Yes. Please update. @ubaidchohan

First of all, the tipped amount is not reflecting in pending clearance section. Instead, “expected earnings” in earning section is showing that value. Please check yours. It might be showing there.

Tips are visible in earnings page as separate entry, but it’s not being added to my earned in November section. As I keep calculations of every amount myself.

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Have you looked at the Analytics page? My analytics page shows the correct amount with tips added for my November earnings, but the main dashboard does not include tips.


Thank you, Yes, I just received an update from support.

They told me the same, saying it’s a bug and they are working on it, can’t say when it will be resolved. But the amount is correct in Analytics Page.

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:slight_smile: oh that’s great!

Has the issue been solved now? My tips aren’t showing in the monthly earnings.

It will show up above that order. You can check it for yourself.

Example, someone ordered a $20 gig, so your revenue would be $16. And if he gave you a tip of $5, you’ll get $4. You will see right above the $16 revenue, the $4. They are not listed together making it $20, they are separately placed at $16 and $4.

Thank you for clarifying! Yes I know tip will be listed on the earnings page. What I meant was in the mobile app’s homescreen, it does not up in “Earning in February”, same goes for desktop’s homepage, it doesn’t show in “Earned in February”.

Ohhhh sorry I misunderstood that part. Oh yeah I think that hasn’t been well addressed yet. :confused: