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Tips for a new Buyers



I am starting a new website about gaming. I will need a new logo but I am afraid to use the Fiverr service because of the piracy. I have seen much copy of other person work (video section).Any tips to find honest Fiverr sellers?


Research. Never assume that every seller is bad based upon word of mouth of one experience. There are many great sellers in every category here on Fiverr. You just have to be willing to do the research and pick out the one(s) that fit what you need.

If you still have reservations, test out their service and see what kind of work they deliver. Order their least expensive service, and obtain a sample of their work. Then make your decision from there.


What @jonbaas said. Also, when I went looking for a logo designer in another life, I picked a shortlist of 5, ordered their least expensive gig and went out to all of them at the same time with the same brief. One of them came back with a sketch I wanted to work with & so then I ordered the full package from that seller, but I was prepared to go out to a different shortlist of another 5 if that first group didn’t work out. It’s worth investing a little to get it right.

I should also say that the forum can be a good place to get to know sellers so that when you do need a service you may already have some people you would be happy to work with.


I did the same thing for illustrations for a children’s book. I ended up with four or five illustrations of the same scene, but one was better then I could have even imagined, and I went with him.


Yeah, I think it’s a good practice in any category if it lends itself to it. it’s definitely worth it.


Well said… (20 chr)


@capitalquality A day back,my new client asked me “what if I see my design sold to someone else?” My reply was “you may contact to CS to suspend my account if I do so”. What else guarantee can be granted for copy rights?


It is hard for anyone in the categories that are populated by chancers to demonstrate the genuine work they do. I don’t envy you and I wish I could suggest something helpful from an outsider’s view, but unfortunately I don’t know that there’s one thing that will help.