Tips for a new seller how to get order


This post (tips) created buy my other fiverr friend, we just share to again for the new fiverr seller

1- Create a professional look profile with a picture in which you look happy, it create a positive impression on your client.

2-Choose only that field in which you have great command in working like graphic designing.

3- Create some outstanding gigs in which you show your original work not that work which you upload from google.

4-Most importantly must ADD VIDEO of your work (if you are also in the video then it create more good impression on client).

5-In the start spend some more quality time by online in Fiverr and try to analyze other person Gigs which are in top ranking, it helps you in creating your gigs.

6-Try to Order every day by keeping your field of experience in mind.

7-Provide free stuff in your gigs and try to start your gig with $5.
If you follow these steps i am pretty much sure that you got your first order may be within 2 days or even in 1st day of your work.

Important Note : Always keep your promise which you deal with your customer, try to complete your order before the deadline, work smartly , give some free stuff with your order and most importantly be helpful and ask if you can help the customer with any thing else.

wish you all best of luck with your sales, help others and be happy every day! :slightly_smiling_face:

Still figuring it out

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks for these nice tips I’ll try them


So you copied this. This is the first thing you say right off the bat.



Thanks for tips…


Thanks for tips…


Same tips posted 100 times.


Thanks you so much :slight_smile:


You thank yourself. Very neat. I curious if your reaction surprised yourself :slight_smile:


helpful (Y)


As a new seller I will try this for improving my gigs.
Thanks for tips.


Great thanks ~~!!!

Gig is on first page yet no order

Oh please!


Best of luck


Thanks but everyday new seller join in Fiverr and new seller not check the too old post :slight_smile: or this is Fiverr success tip so of course almost are similar.


You read the 100 times and still you have only 8 review LOL :grinning: We read only two time and we have 193 reviews and 225 order completed.


We review your profile and we much like your all the video :slight_smile: it’s amazing and professional or Also, we like the amazing and professional work :wink:


I will surely work on these tips. Hope it will give me results.

But what i noticed in my 2 weeks of experience with fiverr is that most of the buyers look for ratings & reviews which unfortunately a new seller dont have without any order. So i think this is where i am lacking but i will keep patience and continue to dream high.




This tips 100% help you :slight_smile: Also, you can talk your other or Fiverr friends buying our gig and provide positive reting. this is best way to get more order.

Best of luck.


Great tips…maybe i have read this post many times…but every time i was reading those tips always had a great hopes and feeling about yes i can do…weldone…thanks for sharing.