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Tips for a Newbie?

I’m not technically a newbie…I had 4 successful sales a couple years back and then took a long break. I want to get back into gigs but don’t know how to get noticed without spending hours promoting (for a couple dollar return) or spamming my Facebook. I’m not sure if you can click on my name and see my profile/gigs but I mostly deal with writing articles and mailing items related to crafts, finances (couponing), and upcycling (green stuffs).

I’ve never done twitter…it sounds like a bunch of spam people sign up for. Why do people follow twitter to just get advertisements?

  1. Put up a picture instead of the sheep. I dunno why but I feel like the sheep isn’t friendly. :smiley:

  2. Why does it say your rating is 80%? Can you work with Customer Support to fix it?

  3. Don’t put up links to other sites… I’m talking about your etsy gig.

The 80% is from a couple years ago :frowning: A buyer cancelled on me when I ended up not being able to meet the timeframe. A lot has changed since then, and with not many gigs sold, it’s hard to fix that number.

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