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Tips for all beginner

Hi everyone

I working on Fiverr for more than 1 year, I am level 1 seller. I haven’t much experience but just want to share some tips for new sellers.

  1. Send 10 offers to buyers request daily because new sellers can get its first order here easily, without buyer request its almost very very difficult to get 1st order.

  2. Stay Creative- Always deliver exceptional work.

  3. Be Unique- Don’t copy-paste other gig description or title. Yes, take help from another gig but write in your own words and use appropriate keywords.

  4. When you write a description it should be unique because a buyer can only come to you when there is something interesting for him so try write something very unique for the buyer.

  5. Gig Video and Image- if you upload a video describing your service its a better for gig also you can use Good Picture your service. Don’t use the same video and image for multiple gigs.

  6. Your profile pic and your video uploaded in gig also make buyer to get interest. So just think as if you are buying then what you want from a seller then I think you can do best for your Gig.

  7. After doing the first 3 tips a buyer will contact you the first time. Now the most important thing is your communication to the buyer. Don’t forget it’s your first buyer so first of all, try to build a little bit of trust with him and sure him that you can do it what he wants from you. Then when you deliver something, Ready for unlimited revisions and satisfy your buyer to get 5 stars.

  8. The last tip is very important to get flow in orders and its possible by contacting your old buyers and offering them something new.

New sellers just try to follow these 8 tips hopefully will help someone :slightly_smiling_face:



@aishi168 10 offers of buyers request are not visible to me.after reloading the page for a large number of times somehow i became able to get a single buyer request.could you please help me and explain it to me?


you are a beginner, when you achieve Level one then you have Available buyer request. now you need to follow USA and Canada etc when they are day time then you try, hopefully you get buyer request


What about this Offers meaning? Please give me some examples… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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@photocutter92 i mean buyer request :grinning:

How do we get Buyer Request?

please check before I answer

Can you Please Explain… :disappointed::disappointed::thinking::thinking:

Give me some examples, please… :innocent:

I mean when they are day time, they are submitted job proposal, you apply those job


Look it up and ignore that advice.


dear i can not understand what you said

Enough with the “Send 10 Buyer Requests” advice! It’s repetitive and ineffective and most people who aren’t selling don’t even have access to that many per day.

Only respond to BRs that pay properly and for which you are well suited. Making a quota of BRs to fill does not increase the likelihood of getting them. QUALITY, suitable responses to BRs does.


Don’t call me Dear. A lot of people don’t like that.

You can only get more BRs once you are at a Level and responding to 10 per day is bad advice because you should only respond to BRs that pay properly and for which you are well suited.

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sure sir.thanks for suggestion

Sir? I’m clearly a woman.

Also, sir is inappropriate because we are peers. You are not my servant.

Many people dislike sir, dear, ma’am.


How do I find them? Because I haven’t seen anything yet.

You don’t find them. You get them when you have a Level. This has been explained many times in the forum and in official Fiverr documents.


I really appreciated your post.

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If you send unsolicited messages to your old buyers and one of them reports you for spam, you’ll get an account warning.