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Tips for all beginner

Ok fine, & thank you!
I have followed many tips here. lot of impressions, Views, & Clicks have been received but not yet ordered. Can you advise to get it? Please…

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There are hundreds of posts on that already and this would be off-topic. Please search for them and educate yourself about sales and supply and demand.


Okay, thanks. I’ll study them.

Hello @aishi168

I’m on Fiverr for merely 2 weeks. Everyday I go to buyer request page but always it’s empty.

Why is that so?

What do many people like to be called?

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Nothing. You don’t need to call anyone anything. If you’d like to you can use their username.

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Thank you @humanissocial for being so knowledgeable :pray:t2:

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That is for purchasing a gig. They want sellers to buy gigs, too.

You need to look this up. It’s common knowledge.


@muhammadawai319, @photocutter92, @wptutorial

This post will answer some of your questions about Buyer Requests.


Thanks a lot :+1:

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because you are a beginner when you get level then you have available buyer request