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Tips for all Forum Users


Hello everyone! I thought I’d create a few general wishes from those who have been on the Forum for a while to those who are new and seeking advice.

  1. Please please please search for your question before posting a new thread. There are hundreds of topics that are probably very similar to your question. Don’t make us repeat the same thing over and over in multiple threads where we will probably wind up sending you a link that you should have searched for in the first place.

  2. Value everyone’s advice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what they’re telling you, you came here for advice and people are only trying to help. None of us have any obligation to take the time out of our days to help you so please be kind and don’t get frustrated when someone tells you something you don’t want to hear! Part of life is being able to take constructive criticism.

  3. Understand that we don’t have all the answers. We nor Fiverr can help your gig become the number one best seller or help you get buyers. All we can do is share our experience on how we made our own gigs better and hope you can apply the same concepts to build your own success.

  4. Please read over the TOS](Forum Rules + Do’s and Dont’s) before commenting or asking questions :slight_smile: (Side note: it’s against guidelines to directly inbox someone unwelcome, so please refrain from doing so as it’s a common occurrence)

  5. Be patient. Lines get crossed and miscommunication happens. If someone gets angry, don’t fire back at them as it will only result in a meaningless catfight. So try to rephrase what you said and if they still go off on you, just let it go and move on. Also, since the Forum is mostly English based, (for those who are fluent in English) understand that it’s not some people’s first language. If you are having difficulty reading what they say, politley ask them to rephrase so you can help or receive help.

  6. And finally, just be respectful. It doesn’t matter if your commenting or posting, everyone on the Forum deserves to be treated with respect even if you don’t agree with them. We are all here to be part of a friendly community so make sure you keep it that way!

Those are a few general points I could come up with. Any other ideas are welcome, have a great day everyone!

  1. Please don’t post multiple threads asking for the same thing. Stick to one thread, people will answer, just be patient.


Why not follow your first rule yourself?

We already have rules for the forum. Are you a new moderator, or why do you think you need to post your own set of rules?


Hi, @misscrystal!

I can :100:% confirm that the OP is not a new moderator of this forum. Any new additions will be announced (via an official thread) by someone from the current moderation team. I think you know who they are. :wink:


Thank you for clearing that up! I thought there must be another new moderator here.

They seem to be very capable of posting and enforcing rules. A new set of “guidelines for all forum users” from someone I never heard of is weird.

The OP just started posting on the forum in January 2018 also.