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Tips for any improvements

Hey Guys please check out my gig for photoshop work and please share your opinions btw I am a new seller.
My Gig

Hey @gmbhatti547,

Welcome to Fiverr!

Good job on your gig!

I have 2 recommendations for you to get more orders:

  1. Change your gig title, “I Will Do High End Retouching For You With Fast Delivery” to “I Will Do High End Retouching For You In 1 Day”.

I’ve had success with my getting orders by adding “In 1 day” to the title.

  1. Install Grammarly (it’s free) to touch up any spelling or grammar errors on your gigs and profile (I noticed a few minor ones). It’s been my favourite tool to help me write better.

Good luck getting orders!

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You need to provide context in your photos. I have no idea what you retouched.

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Thank you so much for your help

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