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Tips for article writers

Hey there,

I write articles here on fiverr. Please share some tips for new comers like me.

My only tip is watch out for spelling and grammar mistakes, people who can’t write can detect those, and they get angry when they do.

@fastcopywriter hahaha never knew forum would be a test itself

Proofread and spell check. Learn the basic concepts of marketing copywriting like how to use action words (or call to action phrases) as opposed to soft or weak words.

Start categorizing your clients audience into general and broad catagories so you can adjust the style of approach (is the audience susceptible to humor and Internet references, or is it a straight-laced academic approach). Develop a toolbox of phrases and styles you can re-use, but personalize each phrase to the content. Self-referencing previous content this way can be a huge bonus that works well in the small, and pro, markets.

Once you’ve gained a voice, style, and approach that’s consistent and proper, focus on SEO techniques for keyword density, long tail keyword inserts, and other tricks of the trade. Get the basics first, but high quality SEO along with content can fetch some nice add-ons! :slight_smile:

Good luck! I’ll check you gigs in case I need a writer.

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thank you @timbrewolf i will try to benefit from your advice.

sure do contact if you need any articles written or any proof reading work.

Know your audience, do some research as well on the article they would like for you to write. And just be on time, and you will do good.

@dayyanbajwa i buy a lot of articles, if i hire the person, seems like after a while they don’t put to much effort. i don’t know if they got too comfortable or any other problems.This has been my experience and avoid it at all cost.

@biggz27 true that does happen. I will admit that as a seller I do sometimes get lazy when I get repeated orders from same clients but I try my best not to let that happen too often. I have never had a complain from my clients.

Do contact if you are looking for articles. I hope I don’t disappoint you.

Definitely spelling and grammer mistakes should be watched for. Though most importantly, don’t worry! If you worry you’re more likely to make mistakes. Try reading them out loud as you write because it may make less sense when spoken so you can change it.

Be confident about your writing and more opinions on your articles will help too! I’m generally good at catching small mistakes, and that’s one of the services I offer if you’re ever interested :slight_smile:

Don’t let people change their specification after they have ordered and you have delivered the content. Stand your ground.

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@ryangillam but if I dont modify according to their requirements they dont mark the order complete and keep on asking for modifications. What options do I have?

dayyanbajwa said:
  • @ryangillam but if I dont modify according to their requirements they dont mark the order complete and keep on asking for modifications. What options do I have?

Leave it three days after the modification request. Then resend it. It will auto mark as complete within about thirty minutes. That is what I do to people that claim that they want a completely different set of articles (i.e. saying that those keywords do not work and they want to try new ones instead)
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didn’t know that will do that next time I get in trouble with such buyers. So far very few have done that usually they are all nice and professional. Thanks @ryangilliam