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Tips for Better Gig Optimization

Hello Community Members!

Please have a look at my Gaming Logo Design Gig & please suggest me some useful tips. I promoted this gig among Gaming Community Members on Twitter. I got 230+ Link Clicks via Twitter but I received only 4 orders. All orders came from Twitter. Today, I have increased the prices of my packages because my previous prices were undervaluing my work (my previous prices were $5, $10 & $15). So, I decided to increase my prices.

Please have a look at my GIG and give me suggestions for improvements.

Looking forward to your responses.



Looks fairly good at a quick glance, but you should get rid of the ‘unlimited revisions’ and/or define what a revision is for this gig in the FAQ section.

4 in 230… that’s what, 2-3% conversion rate? Sounds pretty average, actually! That’s actually a good rate!


Thanks! Please have a look at the gig again. I think, I should provide unlimited revisions in all packages. What do you say? Or should I remove about the revisions from the description?

Please see (DES) point 1 for my reasoning why it’s a bad idea: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

Thanks! I have removed unlimited revisions

Can you please check this gig also, and leave your comment.

I’m less impressed.
Your gamer icons were fine, but your logos look very slapdash.
Now I’m suspicious of those previous icons, tbh.


Nope, that’s my BEST SELLING GIG & I have completed 50-60 orders from that gig. That gig is 7-8 months old. My designs got improved as I gained more experience.

I think, I need to change the video of that gig, that’s too old.

PDF’s and samples too, if you’ve indeed gotten better and know more about the principles of design.

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Ok. Thanks for your time. I will improve that gig.

For your information:

Please keep updates in the same thread. It’s against the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 to create duplicate threads. In the case of changes in a situation, it’s doubly important, so that people can see what advice you’ve already been given and/or what steps you’ve already taken.

I hadn’t realized you already had three threads in the “Improve My Gig” category already.


I am new on fiverr forum, I didn’t know about that. Is there a way to remove those threads?

Which is why I informed you. It’s always a good idea to know the rules when you’re someplace new.

You can request that a moderator to close/hide them, but otherwise no.

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No. Providing unlimited revisions is a terrible, terrible idea.

Successful sellers tend to offer only very limited revisions (such as 1 or 2), or even zero revisions.

The simplest argument against unlimited revisions is that if a buyer disputes your work they can forever (literally forever) force you to do more work for free. If you don’t do this extra work then your buyer will likely complain to customer support who will automatically side with your buyer, because you had agreed to unlimited revisions. Scammers deliberately target people who offer unlimited revisions knowing they will always win.

What then usually happens is the seller eventually gets tired of this endless stressful and loss-making loop and offers a cancellation - thereby losing all their time, money and pride. The buyer gets all the original work and the extra work for free.

Can you now see that offering unlimited revisions is bad?

If you notice, it is usually only very unsuccessful and inexperienced sellers who state that offering unlimited revisions is a good idea.

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Can you please visit my profile & give me feedback about my BEST SELLING GIG, I am not getting impressions on that gig. I edited that gig several times :frowning: I am too much sad these days.