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Tips For Buyer Requests- From a Seller

One piece of advice commonly given to new sellers is to send buyers an offer over buyer requests. However, often people ask how to send a good offer. Here are some tips I compiled from others and from my own experience.

-Make sure to add a friendly greeting
-Offer a special deal to the customer that they wouldn’t get otherwise
-Make sure your grammar and spelling is top-notch
-DO NOT use the same offer letter for every customer. You want to customize the offers to their needs.
-Add relevant experience and info
-Don’t make it too long; bullet points are a good idea
-Invite them to send you a message if they are interested
-Leave a closing signature

The main thing is to make sure you stand out from all the other sellers who send offers to the prospective buyer. Best luck guys!

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very effective thanks for sharing.


useful advice thank you


-Add relevant experience and info

So important. Buyers are always going to be wondering who is credible and also suitable for their specific project. It’s important to build a case for that.

If the buyer is asking for ecommerce, demonstrate your ecommerce experience. If the buyer’s project revolves around neurology and you have experience with brain conditions, consider sharing that. People see the value of insight and it can also create a conversation piece. They may see your value for other things.


Very nice one , really appreciated


This will help! thanks for sharing !


Thanks For your Advice


Thanks for sharing, very useful.


Miss Gina is a top-rated buyer on Fiverr and she has this to say:


Thanks so much! As a brand new seller, this was very much needed.


thank you again, u teach me a lots. in many posts


very nice.thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much @brenna_n


Thanks! and welcome btw

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welcome to fiverr! I see this is your first post


Real Good tips…thnx a lot.


Thanks for the tips. Very Effective points and I will apply them in my cover letter.

Best Wishes to you!


This is so great! Miss Gina is so professional!


Do bullet points really work? When I look in “sent offers” it seems to remove all formatting from sent offers, like it’s all one paragraph - so I’m not sure (formatted) bullet points would show correctly, eg. each bullet point on a different line.


True. I don’t know how formatting works on your computer or on others. But the main point is to make it easy to read