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Tips For Buyer Requests- From a Seller

Thanks for your information.

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Too good.nice to conversation


My pleasure. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much.what do you think about my gig?

Checkout my comments on the other thread where you have tagged me.

Still I dont see anything on buyer request tab… Always empty

You all points are good and very effective but i do not think bullet points work :frowning:

Thank you very much for your tips it’s really helpful for me

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good tips for new sellers. thanks

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Thanks for your very good suggestion, I absolutely agree with you.

It’s really helpful, thank you soooo much… :blush:

Thanks for the info dear

Thank you. Helpful tips

This is the common mistake most new sellers do. Please note that buyer’s can never be inspired by templates. They need sellers who value their needs, discuss their requirements and talk about the buyer’s request.

After all, we conclude that; give time to read complete request, understand buyer’s requirements and then write your offer description in accordance with.

Best of luck :+1:


I would recommend you to focus on your gigs quality its the best time to illustrate the unique skill you have in yourself.

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I agree .Its very helpful for getting more order.

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thank you for helpful suggestion

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This is valuable information for sending effective buyer requests , thanks for this tips…:slightly_smiling_face:

This will go a long way in assisting me in my journey as a new seller.

Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks for your tip. @brenna_n

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