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Tips For Buyer Requests- From a Seller

I believe you need some kind of combination between a template and your own words. You want to make your offer as soon as possible. There’s a big chance the buyer will settle for one of the first buyers and not even read the rest of the offers. And sometimes, if you spend too much time writing your offer, when you click send you will get a red error message saying: “Oups, something went wrong. Try again (or something”. This means you can’t send the offer anymore, too many had been sent.
So try to be fast, this is the most important thing. If you can’ send your offer or you are the 99th offer, the buyer will most likely not even see yours.

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I would just use the hyphen key on your keyboard. You can adjust the settings to get a different style of bullet if you really want to, but it doesn’t really matter.

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This is soooo important. I have made a test myself with an offer request and the level of responses I received shocked me: standard responses that had nothing to do with my request, overpromising, completely missing my scope and offering something else instead, standard greetings starting with “dear sir…”…

Imagine being the client for once, what would you like to receive as response. Think about that when responding to any buyer request and you are 90% ahead of your competition.


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