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Tips for Buyer requests

Hi Everyone,
I’m here to talk about a major issue that most of buyers as well as sellers face on Fiverr, which is misuse of buyer request section.As a seller,I noticed that most of the buyer request section is filled with spamming and ads of sellers themselves.Which I think is a misuse, because this is meant to be for buyers not sellers.
There are some tips for sellers:

  1. Don’t spam this section with your own ads, as this will have a poor impression on buyers and no one would like to order even a single gig from you.
  2. Don’t ask to buy your gigs in the inbox section of buyers.
  3. Prove your worth and value of your gigs through quality work and hard work.
    I hope that these tips will help new sellers here.

The sad thing about it is that people who are spamming there won’t read this and I think even if they did, they probably don’t care.


@uxreview I am sure that if only few sellers will try to follow these tips then it will create a great impact.


There are probably 50+ threads about this and I haven’t seen much impact so far, but maybe your post will make a difference :wink:


@uxreview I hope so🙂

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Sarcasm on point there. :joy:


We all do but new sellers don’t and those new sellers don’t visit the forums mostly so the problem never ends.


As a buyer, i need some services also. I have tried to submit a request to Buyer Request and i was disapointed. There were lots of template message. People even did not read what i wrote.

I do not understand why do not spend a bit more time and read carefully than write as buyers need.


@cagricilara that’s exactly what I was trying to say.


yes absolutely right.


I usually filter out sellers by searching out for them when I need to buy something and always goes well,try that sometime. :slight_smile:

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more gigs more buyer request and set you gig tags and complete at least 10 order

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Thanks for this, I’m sure these tips will help in correcting many wrongful perceptions of the Buyer Request Section.


Thanks for your wonderful tips. As a new seller everyone must follow these certain points to keep their gig and profile value. :slight_smile:

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Thanks brother, for your Tips…


thank you so much brother for your nice tips. it will help me in the future.


The best moment is when I need for example a cover photo and they respond with
“Design outstanding modern logo within 12hrs Best Quality Logo on Fiverr / Best quality Logo I’ll Design an OUTSTANDING LOGO with my creativity blabalba”


The buyer request section should be upgraded in my opinion too.
1.90% of the buyer requests are too generic. “I need a logo” Without specifics, how would I offer something? It could be a 5 dollar job, but it could easily be 50. It’s a setup for disputes.
2. Yes, there sellers spamming it, just ignore them.
3. I feel like it’s a price competition, and most requests have 10+ responses. As a quality seller, why would I craft a personalized response, knowing there are at least 5 sellers who’d already offered something for 5 bucks. I have submitted so far 20 proposals, got zero orders. And sometimes I did offered cheap, less than the budget.


Totally agree with you. As a seller, I send around 10 offer in a day and get works daily from them.

However, I did not send any offer in last 30 days. I cant find any realistic offer. Either there is a lack of information or unrealistic low budget.

Another problem is sellers’ requests that there are lots of spammers.

Also, lack of information causes cancellation. However, sometimes it seems I can do the job but need more information to clear every step. I send an average offer and ask more information from buyer to discuss about project and delivery time. Buyer did not reply message and just accepted offer. Than want many extra works. Such issues, Fiverr protects buyers. Fiverr says if I send offer, I just accept the price and the information given is sufficient.

Maybe there should be a message button to contact buyer for more information or discuss about project.


I believe that Fiverr should attack those proposals from the sellers who place their advertising within the buyers’ area. That is garbage that accumulates in that area.

I think they should enable to block these accounts (maybe when 3 or more people report it)