Tips for Buyers from a Buyer and Seller (I am both) [ARCHIVED]


I am a buyer who has successfully bought more than 25 times here, including things such as a website, logo design, graphic design, writing etc.
I am also a Level 2 Seller here, meaning I have completed over 50 orders and maintained a high rating.

This article is to help Buyers understand a little more about buying on Fiverr from my own experiences.
For the purpose of this article I am going to use the following as an illustration:
I have the task of Cleaning My Living Room.

When I need to clean my living room, I have 4 options.

  1. I can do it myself.

  2. I can ask my teenage son to do it in return for a few euros.

  3. I can hire a cleaner to come in and do it.

  4. I can wait for my mother to visit and she will do it

  5. Well, I don’t want to do it myself as I am too busy and I never do a great job at it anyway.
    This is the reason you, as a Buyer, are on Fiverr - you want to get someone to do it for you.

  6. I can then decide whether I will ask my son to do it. On the one hand, it will be cheap - a maximum of €5. The drawback of this is that I will more than likely have to be involved in the process, reminding him to do it, pointing out what he hasn’t done and then do the final touches that no teenage boy will ever do (under the couch etc).

There are many “Teenage Boy” type Sellers on Fiverr. Those who will do a job for a little pocket money to cover going out or go towards buying something nice for themselves. This will be something they do in their spare time and is generally not their priority in any given day. The result will be something that fits the rough description i.e. the room will be cleaner than when he started, but you will most likely need to do some directing, editing and finishing touches. If you are ok with that then there are many people on Fiverr who can do that for you cheaply. If you are expecting a perfect product from them then it is YOU who is making the mistake, not them.

  1. Then I have the option of getting a cleaner in. It seems obvious, I need someone to clean my living room - get someone who’s job it is to clean. This will be more expensive and I will need to book them ahead of time or pay a premium for them to come at short notice. On the other hand, I can expect it to be done perfectly, once I have told them how I want it to look when they are finished. If it’s not right, I can question their work and even complain with some justification.

There are many great Sellers on Fiverr, people who take their job seriously and prioritize their customers work. People who view this income as a living just as it is a cleaner’s living wage in my example. For the work these people do, you MUST expect them to cost more than the other options. You MUST expect to need to book them ahead of deadlines or pay a premium for short deadlines (like paying overtime). In return, you will get high quality from people who take pride in their work. You will usually have people who are knowledgeable in their field and can advise you on the best way to do things. You will have someone who will deliver on time and will also be able to take and deal with complaints or problems after the work is done, if there are any.

  1. Unfortunately, my mother doesn’t do websites, logo design, graphic design, writing etc.

That was a rather long winded way of explaining the options available, you must now pick the one you want to use.

  1. Check their reviews - obvious suggestion but still important. Look for repeat buyers, a variety of people, reviews that say more than 2 words and the response the Seller gives.

  2. Check their response time - not a conclusive factor but if the other factors are in place, this is a good indicator too. How long it takes for them to respond tells you how available they are.

  3. Check their profile and see what gigs they offer - This is a good indicator. What else do they offer, are they an “I can do everything” Seller? If so then it is more likely that they are “Teenage Boy” types. Having more than 2 different types of gig, for me, is kind of a red flag. If they offer ten different types of writing or design work etc, that’s fine, but trying to do a lot of unrelated things - unprofessional and unlikely to be a master of any.

  4. Contact them - If they are looking to get a $5 gig and promise the world for it, then it’s a “Teenage Boy”. If they want to quote properly by getting the details of your job and THEN send a price, then they are at least somewhat more professional. They should also provide some expertise, have some samples of their work etc.

  5. Do they get involved on the Forum and how? This isn’t a definite decider but can contribute to your decision. Are they constantly posting about having no gigs or do they contribute to “society” with insight and helpful advice, perhaps even advice specific to their niche.

Please note: This guide is not conclusive and is simply how I see the world of Fiverr and its occupants. It comes from having a reasonably large experience of buying and selling here.
No Teenage Boys, Cleaners or Mothers were intentionally vilified in this article.
Please add any extra tips you have in the comments.

Cancelled and non delivered gigs
Going head to head with a bad buyer

It would be beautiful when all Fiverr buyers would think as you do.


I think Buyers just don’t automatically understand how Fiverr works which is why I used the example instead of just a list of tips. Hopefully it explains it a bit more for Buyers to make more informed choices on Sellers


Thank you for providing an excellent illustration – definitely more useful (and fun) than a list of tips.


Glad you liked it Helen. If you have any questions I’d be happy to help.


Great article. The best way to look at dealings in fiverr. Thanks so much, eoinfinnegan.


This Article is lovely but it is also good for buyers to look beyond Top Rated Sellers as there are medium sellers out there that offer better service for $5.



This is a creative way of explaining the difference between sellers, I like it.


very interesting i must say,good job


Great info in the above post!

I am also a buyer and seller and have been on this system since 2011. Most buyers express their confusion how to order, but as sellers we help the buyers! I also like using the custom offer option as it makes life easier for the buyer and acts as an invoice / agreement between buyer and seller.

I was a TRS, but was taken away for comments made on the forum. But, you know what, TRS has been overblown because there are a lot of naughty TRS sellers that are not up to standards. I’m confident that buyers know that. At least the buyers I deal with know that.

Buyers that contact me know the difference and in our case we provide higher quality HD video and don’t compromise on quality.

A lot of selling, if on fiverr or elsewhere is related to trust, credibility, reliability and communication to get the task completed on time without sacrificing quality.

If you fulfill those steps, you’ll have happy customers all the time. You cannot please everyone, you cannot convert every inquiry into a sale. It just doesn’t happen that way.

But, you can also need believe in your mind that you can do anything and know and understand that to attract business you need to believe in yourself first. Most do not understand that concept.

Anyhow, just wanted to add some valuable info learned over the years.


Absolutely, I didn’t mention levels as they can sometimes be deceptive, so I pointed out other ways of checking. The levels are obvious indicators but in the same way as my son SOMETIMES does a good job, it is also possible to find good work from any level.


fantastic! from now I can follow this tips.


I’m new here and found your article great. Thanks for that :slight_smile:


… and if after doing your research and selecting the “cleaner” that did not deliver, file a complaint and get your money back. It is quite a disappointment when a seller just does not deliver, which is the risk on fiverr, but the good thing is that you can get your money back, except for the processing fee, relatively easy.


Yes, exactly. It is a risk anywhere to be fair so it makes sense to assume it is a possibility here also. With regard to the processing fee, it may be irritating but when you go to use your credit from the refund you will not be charged the fee again.


Glad you liked it!


I doubt it to be honest. This is the reason why ALL reviews should be genuine and not paid for or exchanged for something unrelated. As far as I know, selling reviews is not allowed on Fiverr whether for this site or any other so I would be doubtful if Customer Service will help anyway. Those who offer unscrupulous services are usually fairly lacking in scruples themselves so I suggest you take it as a lesson learned and move on from buying fake reviews and subscribers…


And that guy’s only review is from someone who offers the same service as he does, surely that must have looked a bit suspicious?


Thank you


I’m curious, do these great marketing books you are offering simply say “SPAM EVERYONE” like you have done here? Cos it’s hardly a new method and not effective.